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Enhance productivity with our robust project management software ProjectSenz

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Track, Monitor, And Manage Projects In Real-Time With ProjectSenz

Effective project tracking and monitoring help to align the team to collaborate better and be more productive. ProjectSenz is a collaborative project management software project tracking and monitoring tool built for executive managers. software managers, team members, and clients to have a single view of project schedules, health, risks, progress, and documents. ProjetSenz is a powerful project monitoring software and project monitoring tools developed on Microsoft SharePoint productivity suite, which helps clients to capitalize on the “Always-on, Access Anytime Anywhere model”. We at TeBS have helped customers to implement Microsoft projects to monitor & derive insights on various stages of project progress. Our solution helps to give a high-level perspective across all project portfolios & business units within the organization.

Key Benefits Of ProjectSenz

ProjectSenz helps to monitor progress in real-time across all projects by helping you effectively track every phase of the project life cycle.

ProjectSenz is simple and easy to use, and lets you quickly import & organize ongoing projects for a full status view.
Manage projects of any size with interactive gantt charts, resource management, automated workflows, file sharing, and more.
Collaborate and work together with your team members to plan, track, and manage projects — all in one place.
Track Progress
Get real-time status updates, run reports, and more. You know what’s going on and can solve small issues before they become big problems.
Stay On Schedule
Map out goals and prioritize tasks. You get projects off the ground faster and meet deadlines—without scrambling at the last minute.
Streamline Communication
Keep conversations with teammates, clients, and vendors in one place, and keep everyone on the same page.
Stay On Schedule
Map out goals and prioritize tasks. You get projects off the ground faster and meet deadlines—without scrambling at the last minute.

ITrack Features And Capabilities Smart Incident Management Solution

Helping you keep track of incidents to resolve issues effortlessly. iTrack-an incident management tool proactively tracks the defects and resolves issues in the system. It offers customized templates for better incident management, hence promoting better collaboration.


Manage and track all your tickets in a single view from anywhere. Easily capture incidents and service requests, shorten resolution time and deliver exceptional service within SLAs. Track, prioritize, and assign, tickets based on predefined parameters.

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Get visibility into your tickets and track their progress with a quick glance at the insightful dashboard. Collaborate with your team from a single screen and know who’s working on a ticket, its priority, and status. Easily view the progress or status of incidents and its corresponding resolution in interactive dashboard.

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Fully automated service request workflow with real-time notification and alerts for the business users. Allows users to raise tickets directly and easily track the ticket progress from the portal. Enhance operational efficiency by tracking and resolving incidents from a single pane.

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iTrack Benefits

iTrack has powerful incident management and service request handling capabilities, processes such as submission, approvals, evaluation, implementation and acceptance, until closure of requests are fully automated with real-time notification and alerts for the business users.

Efficiency & Ease of Use
Manage Vendor Performance
Issue Tracking Reports
Configurable Workflows Based on Issue / Ticket Types
Service Requests Management
Comprehensive SLA
Customizable Dashboards

Key Components Of ITrack

iTrack tracks production issues, incidents, service requests and deployment change request management with ease. It is built on a scalable and extendable workflow framework that enables business process automation.

Issue Lifecycle Management
SLA Reporting
Incident Management
Deployment Requests Mgmt.
Ticket Tracking
Request Reroute
Request Reassignment
Homepage Dashboard
SLA Misses and Hits Reports
Man-day Utilization Report
Budget Utilization Report

Customer Success Stories

We help businesses across industry sectors like-Banking, Insurance, Public Sector, Non-profit and many more to digitally transform through our BPM Software and business process automation services.

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Seamless Issue And Incidents Resolution

Track, prioritize, assign, and automate issue resolution for efficient incident management and service requests with iTrack. Schedule a call for a demo!
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