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Corporate Social Responsibility

Together for a better tomorrow

Making a Better World Together

At TeBS, we support social causes for a better future. We’re committed to building a humane, inclusive, and sustainable society through responsible business practices, actively contributing to sustainable development goals.

Orphan Children

Building a Better World Together

At TeBS, our commitment transcends mere business success; we strive to forge a profound impact on our customers, employees, partners, and the broader community. Our endeavors are laser-focused on crafting sustainable solutions that bolster healthcare accessibility, champion lifelong learning, and drive technological innovation in the industries we operate in.

Through strategic collaborations with NGOs and charitable organizations, TeBS spearheads CSR initiatives that directly align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3, 4, 9, and 11, emphasizing health, education, sustainable industrial innovation, and community support, respectively.

At TeBS, our unwavering dedication lies in nurturing a world where health, education, and sustainable communities form the bedrock of inclusive progress and development.

At TeBS, we champion social causes by supporting charities and initiatives, advocating for better, accessible healthcare for all, fostering a brighter future together.

TeBS recognizes the transformative power of education, and partners with educational institutions aiming not only to uplift individual lives but to shape a brighter collective future for community.

Our efforts prioritize creating sustainable solutions that enhance healthcare accessibility, promote lifelong learning, and foster technological innovation in infrastructure development.

We support Non-Proft organizations, charities and social causes which aim to give back to underprivileged groups in their journey towards making a positive difference within the community.

CSR Initiatives to support

Good Health & Well -Being

At TeBs, we are committed to bringing a positive change to society by embracing and supporting social causes, charities and initiatives to build together a better future. We advocate better and accessible healthcare for all.

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Img Breast Cancer

Supporting the Breast Cancer Foundation of Singapore, whose vision is to advocate early breast cancer detection to save lives, save breasts, and support the breast cancer community. We have donated a Multi-Purpose Hall to BCF Singapore to support their initiatives in creating a breast cancer-free world for all. We are proud to be associated with BCF and wholeheartedly support them as a donor partner.

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Partnering with the Home Nursing Foundation, TeBS is committed to creating a positive societal impact by supporting its mission of delivering high-quality healthcare services to patients in the comfort of their homes. As a steadfast advocate for the cause, our ongoing collaboration seeks to enhance essential healthcare for the nearly 70% of bedridden patients served by the organization and contribute to improved recovery and effective ailment management, aligning our dedication with the noble goals of the Home Nursing Foundation.

St Luke’s ElderCare is committed to caring for elders in the Singapore community through senior care centers located islandwide and through the homes of our elders. We support and donate to this charity and have been associated with them in their philanthropic efforts.

Mr.Radhakrishna Bijjala, Founder & CEO of Total eBiz Solutions(TeBS) Pte Ltd Singapore, was invited to be part of the 2019 Special Olympics Summer Games and present awards to the winners. It was quite an honour to support the prestigious “Special Olympics Singapore” and accompany the sports team and the athletes in a foreign land where Singapore’s flag and pride flew high.

Building Partnerships for

Quality Education  

We strongly believe in the transformative power of education for sustainable development. Inclusive and quality education empowers individuals to reach their full potential.

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Img Sit

TeBS is dedicated to societal betterment, exemplified by CEO Mr. Radhakrishna Bijjala’s sponsorship of a Family Bursary at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). This initiative at SIT aids financially challenged but meritorious students in pursuing full-time undergraduate degrees. TeBS recognizes the transformative power of education, aiming not only to uplift individual lives but to shape a brighter collective future for our community and the world.

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As a Silver donor, TeBS proudly support SPD in their mission to empower individuals with disabilities. Aligned with sustainable development goals, our initiatives aim to enhance societal well-being, facilitating the integration of all individuals into mainstream society. At TeBS, we believe in making a meaningful impact by contributing to the greater good through purpose-driven initiatives.

World Vision India focuses on improving children’s well-being through child-focused transformational development, disaster management, and promotion of justice. At TeBS, we support this inititative and work closely with them to create lasting change in the lives of children, their families and communities living in contexts of poverty and injustice.

Supporting Communities for

sustainable Living  

We’re committed to sustainable impact through CSR initiatives aligned with development goals for a better future.

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TeBS has partnered with Singapore based intiative – “Project We Care“. We work closely with this network to give back to underprivileged groups in their journey towards making a positive difference on the community.

TeBS supports the Singapore President’s Challenge charity which aims to empower communities in need across Singapore by supporting various benefitting agencies across Children, Youth and Family, Disability, Eldercare, Healthcare, Rehabilitation sectors and more.

Recognizing the anxiety experienced by the migrant worker community in Singapore during Covid -19 lockdown restrictions, TeBS employees, through the TeBS Care CSR Initiative, united to support migrant workers in Singapore during Covid-19. With a focus on family values and generosity, they provided essential provisions, ensuring approximately 820 meals for 500 workers.

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