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Empower Work Transformation

Businesses are rapidly embracing innovative solutions to streamline communication workflows and enhance agility. Druid, a leader in this transformative shift, specializes in elevating business communications through its advanced Conversational AI and intelligent automation platform. By forming strategic alliances with DRUID we plan to offer unparalleled AI-driven conversation and automation capabilities to our customers.

Druid Competency

Powered by Generative AI, NLP/NLU engines, and advanced analytics, DRUID offers a revolutionary conversational UX layer for enterprise systems, closing gaps between users, processes, and data.


DRUID’s cutting-edge Natural Language Understanding (NLU) empowers authors to craft AI virtual assistants capable of accurately understanding complex queries and engaging in human-like interactions.


DRUID empowers business users with an intuitive tool to manage conversational AI flows, add notes, context and troubleshoot issues effortlessly. No-code features for conversational AI creation accessible to all citizen developers.


Elevate conversational automation by integrating business data using DRUID’s Connector Designer for easy connections to enterprise applications, including ERP, CRM, and HCM.


Enhance business processes with DRUID’s customizable dashboards, converting interactions into metrics, charts, and tables for real-time insights on results, ROI, and FTE savings.

TeBS & Druid Partnership

By harnessing the power of Druid’s advanced conversational AI platform, we aim to improve digital interactions, streamline processes, and elevate customer experiences.

We provide expert consultation services with Druid to kickstart your conversational AI journey.
Collaborate with your team on how DRUID conversational AI platform can help your business enhance user experience
Assist in managing, configuring and implementation Druid’s Conversational AI platform


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