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Transform Your Workspace with Intelligent Collaboration Tools

At TeBS, we specialize in elevating your work environment through our comprehensive Digital Workplace Solutions. Our focus is on harnessing the power of Microsoft’s leading workplace collaboration tools, including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Viva, to unlock unparalleled productivity and collaboration within your team.

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TeBS Intranet Portal Solution IntraSenz

The Microsoft SharePoint Platform serves as the foundation for TeBS’ IntraSenz Intranet-in-a-Box solution. To promote cooperation, make information more accessible, and improve communication inside the company, you may share but also manage apps, knowledge, and material with IntraSenz, an Intelligent Intranet for straightforward employee collaboration.

Why Intrasenz is Your Best Digital Workplace Choice?

IntraSenz is an intelligent intranet portal that simplifies employee collaboration by providing an integrated platform for sharing applications, knowledge, and content efficiently within your organization.

Improves Employee Productivity
Experience a notable boost in performance and productivity among your team members.
Knowledge Management Hub
Centralize all your information and knowledge, making it easily accessible in one unified location.
Rights Management
Exercise precise control over who can view, edit, or share your company’s valuable assets.
Reporting & Collaboration
Generate more insightful reports with key metrics accessible across the enterprise.
Useful Business Productivity Apps
Enhance efficiency by integrating trusted business productivity applications.
AI-Based Chatbots
Replicate human-like servicing Deliver near-human customer service experiences with AI-powered chatbots that provide prompt and accurate responses.with prompt responses.
Seamless Information Dissemination
Ensure rapid and straightforward flow of information, minimizing complexity and the need for manual intervention.
Data & Content Integrity
Protect your critical business data with stringent access controls, ensuring data and content integrity.
Information Architecture
Maintain an organized and systematically planned information structure for easier referencing and retrieval.
Task Monitoring & Notifications
Keep a close eye on team tasks and issue timely notifications to maintain momentum.
AI-Enabled Auto Tagging
Utilize the power of AI for accurate auto-tagging, ensuring your data is organized and easily searchable.
Inject a sense of fun and encourage adoption with interactive gamification elements.

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