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Companies face a significant load of paperwork and agreements requiring internal approvals, often relying on outdated paper processes. A shift towards a paperless workplace is underway, with agile businesses adopting digital solutions like e-Signature to boost productivity.

DocuSign, a key player in this transition, facilitates the automation of agreement creation, management, and signing. Partnerships with companies like TeBS extend access to DocuSign’s e-Signature solution, streamlining agreement processes for clients across various industries.

DocuSign Competency

Traditional manual paper-based agreement processes are slow and prone to errors. DocuSign offers first-rate cloud-based Contract Lifecycle Management technology that enables automation and agreement optimization.


DocuSign eSignature offers a user-friendly signing experience on phones, tablets, or desktops, allowing you to send and sign documents from anywhere, anytime. It utilizes advanced signer verification methods through the DocuSign Identify platform for high-value agreements.

DocuSign CLM

DocuSign CLM is a top contract lifecycle management platform, streamlines the entire agreement lifecycle by automating tasks and aligning workflows. It seamlessly integrates with DocuSign eSignature, empowering business users to design and automate intricate agreement processes.

DocuSign Insight

DocuSign Insight employs AI contract analytics and rules-based logic to swiftly find, filter, and analyze agreements enterprise-wide. This accelerates reviews, identifies risks, and reveals hidden opportunities. Insight aids in managing and analyzing agreements, ensuring compliance with legal and business policies.

DocuSign Agreement

DocuSign Agreement Cloud digitally transforms the contract agreement process with a suite of applications, APIs, and connectors. With 350+ integrations, it seamlessly connects with leading applications such as Salesforce, Google Suite, Workday, SAP, and links DocuSign applications with your custom workflows and processes.

TeBS & DocuSign Partnership

As a licensed DocuSign partner, we help to implement DocuSign solutions ,helping to streamline and automate your contract management and agreement processes.

Our Implementation Team Can Assist With:

Consulting services to design and implement your solution
Building and deploying an end-to end agreement platform
Creating a custom solution DocuSign’s API connectors and open APIs
Tailored learning and training sessions for your team for better understanding
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