Protect your NPO from Cyber Attacks

Protect your NPO from Cyber Attacks

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) are increasingly embracing digital transformations and are leading the way we give, donate, and help others. Essentially, NPOs can unlock tremendous value and impact by innovating for managing donors, volunteers and beneficiaries.

However, sophisticated technologies and techniques also require to protect critical business assets and data. As NPOs are banks of donor and volunteer information, it makes them an easy target for hackers. Hence, increasing cybersecurity and protecting data must be a top priority for all nonprofit organizations. This is especially true if your NPO is engaged in any of the following activities:

  • Donation Processing and Events management that includes any e-commerce activities
  • Storing and managing personal data and information of donors, members, volunteers etc.
  • Other important data and assets like demographics, transfers for members and patrons

How to safeguard your data and information?

CareSenz is an end-to-end integrated platform that ensures all the above best practices are incorporated as part of a holistic security strategy for NPOs. Along with providing productivity and collaboration tools for NPOs, CareSenz is leverages enterprise grade security features and capabilities of Dynamics 365 platform and Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Using CareSenz means that your data is securely stored and safe form cyberattacks. CareSenz also encrypts your data using an algorithm that hides personal information in the unlikely event of a breach.

Learn more about CareSenz Here on how you can equip your organization with the right technology and protect from security attacks and threats

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CareSenz is also listed on Microsoft AppSource.

Read more about our Dynamics CRM expertise, here.

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