Managing Cybersecurity in the Ever-Changing Remote Workplace

Managing Cybersecurity in the Ever-Changing Remote Workplace

An understanding of potential cyber threats and how a user can avoid them- must be a crucial part of maintaining a secure online presence and protecting corporate data. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, companies and governments took responsible measures to protect the health of their employees and citizens – including asking people to work remotely and managing a remote workforce and focusing on safety hygiene. During the impact of this epidemic, IT teams faced new challenges when managing a remote workforce and focusing on workers’ safety hygiene became more important than ever. However, cyber security is important whether employees are working from home or office.

It has now given us a “next” focus on collaboration in the usual way of work, the way organizations have already adopted modern technologies such as video conferencing systems, shared drives or an improved VPN infrastructure to keep their employees productive. With this adoption, the lines are increasingly blurred between what technology is acceptable for use with business data and what is not, and shadow IT continues to emerge as a security risk.

To take on the new cybersecurity challenges of this virtual work environment, organizations must understand the changes in their cyber security risk profile and resume their strategies, training and practice to reverse these changes.

How TeBS can help you to overcome these challenges

With TeBS’ Cybersecurity expertise, organizations get the ability to layer and harden security by encrypting email, blocking suspicious attachments, and protecting the company against data leaks, ensuring that no one is able to share sensitive information over email and restrict the copying and saving of business assets.

TeBS provides end to end services to help your organization overcome the security risk & challenges:

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Cyber-attacks on businesses are unavoidable – at least with the current state of the epidemic. But security analysts say that most of these attacks survive to a large extent if organizations take the right steps. To keep your company safe and secure from cyber threats requires a lot of diligence and development of cyber security strategy. With TeBS you can solve these challenges effectively.

With TeBS’ expertise in implementing essentials steps like Cybersecurity Hygiene and attack simulations to help prevent hackers, intelligent malware, and advanced viruses from accessing and corrupting your company’s data

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In this modern collaborative work culture, we can access documents on our smartphones and check with our partners. While the transition from traditional to modern work culture is positive, but the confidential data residing on multiple devices (servers, databases, desktops, laptops, USB drives, mobiles) and moving through multiple channels can leak your data.

Data leaks are risky for you and your customers. Because a small data leak is a major concern for any business. This can cost your company a lot of money, damage your reputation and brand, and can make your customers very upset. TeBS provides solutions for real-time protection of business data to avoid any leakage. We use CASB, DLP, Data encryption and Information Right Management to protect documents containing sensitive information from unauthorized access.

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To effectively protect your data, your organization’s access control policy should be appropriate and answer these: –

  • Who should access your company’s data?
  • How can you ensure that those attempting access are actually allowed that access?
  • Under what circumstances do you deny access to a user?

TeBS provides robust solutions across Privilege access Management, End point privilege Management and Identity Access management that help strengthen auditing malicious behaviour and security of privileged accounts by eliminating unnecessary local administrator privileges, preventing privileged credential theft attempts and ransomware attacks – all without sacrificing user productivity.


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