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Our Document Management System (DMS) is designed to streamline your workflow, secure your data, and enhance collaboration across all levels of your organization. Dive into a world where document handling is effortless, accessibility is instant, and security is uncompromised.

Key Features and Capabilities of DMS

Traditional, legacy, manual, and paper-based contract management could be faster and more error-free. DocuSign offers a cloud-based contract lifecycle management platform that helps automate and streamline contracts.

Creation and Processing

SharePoint DMS automates document creation, digitalizes paper documents, and ensures uniformity with OCR technology. It validates documents for errors and offers reusable templates for efficient creation.


Real-time collaboration allows multiple users to author documents simultaneously, with tracking features for modifications. Automated workflows streamline approvals and notifications keep everyone informed.

Storage and Retrieval

With ample storage capacity and support for various document types, SharePoint DMS ensures easy storage and retrieval. Indexing and enterprise search capabilities facilitate efficient document management.

and Compliance

Versioning, check-in/check-out, and backup features maintain document integrity and ensure data security. Advanced encryption, two-factor authentication, audit trails, and retention policies uphold compliance standards.

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IntaSenz for Document Management

TeBS IntaSenz, your ultimate document management solution designed to simplify, optimize, and transform your document-centric processes.

Key Features of TeBS IntaSenz

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