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TeBS is among the top AWS partners in Singapore, empowers clients with cutting-edge technology for digital transformation. Our partnership with AWS provides access to a stable and cost-effective cloud computing platform, offering services spanning database migration, storage, security, analytics, apps, and developer tools.

As an AWS partner, TeBS delivers end-to-end cloud services in Singapore, specializing in legacy application modernization and strategic cloud guidance. Our experienced team, proficient in AWS products, ensures the successful implementation of scalable solutions using Agile and DevOps methodologies across various industries.

Our Offerings

TeBS has strong expertise and proven customer success across multiple AWS competencies and we offer a broad spectrum of AWS solutions to help customers to embark on their cloud transformation journey

AWS Cloud Migration
  • Application& database migration
  • Cloud migration design framework
  • Migration tools & process-based templates
Cloud Automation & DevOps
  • Container & microservices architecture
  • Workflow automation
  • Continuous deployment
AWS Cloud Managed Services
  • Infrastructure management
  • Application monitoring
  • Cloud optimization
Data Analytics on
  • Data lakes & analytics
  • IoT enablement
  • Data warehouse

TeBS & AWS Expertise

With expertise in workload transfer, data analytics, CoE consultancy, and DevOps enablement, TeBS is a well-known AWS partner in Singapore. Our robust team of certified AWS consultants employs tried-and-true ways to build and implement a cloud adoption roadmap, accelerating the successful digital transformation of our customer’s environments.

Amazon EMR
Application Integration
AWS Redshift
Business Applications
AWS Glue
Customer Engagement
Amazon Athena
Customer Engagement
AWS Cloud Watch
Machine Learning
Amazon RDS
Identity & Access Management
AWS Database Migration Services
AWS Key Management System

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