SMART boards instead of chalkboards

SMART boards instead of chalkboards

Today, Technology has changed how we learn and how we teach. Virtual classrooms, digital whiteboards, mobile learning apps and related technologies have become mainstream in education. Through digital transformation and the rise of educational technology, the way has been paved for new teachings and new ways of learning.  These changes are making the education system more interactive and interesting. It helps teachers to turn boring sessions into engaging session by illustrating topic with the help of photos, graphs, maps, flow chart and animated videos.  

Educational technology is succeeding in making learning collaborative and interactive. Augmented, virtual and mixed reality are examples of transformational technology that enhances teachers learning as well as creating fun and engaging lessons for the students.  

EduSenz is a modern platform designed to equip Education institutes with digital capabilities and to ensure convenience and accessibility for students and faculty in and out of campus. Built on Microsoft technologies such as Dynamics 365, SharePoint and Office 365, it facilitates seamless communication between staff and students through an interactive digital platform. EduSenz offers 360-degree student view, course and fee management, simplified faculty management, portals, documents repository, ad hoc reports and provide smart dashboards. 

AI-Powered Transformation Platform 

Edusenz is AI powered learning and training platforms that provides interactive digital management solution to manage their processes better. It is designed for all stakeholders in education like teachers, parents, students and administrator. 

Here are the major benefits of using Edusenz to transform your Chalkboards into Smartboards: – 

Easy Access to Resources 

Edusenz is the best digital education solution where students can find all the relevant material for their studies. The Learning Management System and Campus Management Module helps Edusenz place all relevant stuff at the user’s fingertips. 

Manage Administrator overheads 

Administrators are responsible for all the backend operations to keep schools running. This includes creating schedules for each grades, maintaining student attendance and placement data, providing car parking, processing grades and report cards, student enrolment, certificate generation, event management, Alumni management and many more. Many of these activities are heavily paper-based, labour-intensive, repetitive, and time-consuming. By implementing automation, manual repetitive labour and paperwork can be completely eliminated thus saving their time and energy. 

TeBS Education Institute Management Tool-EduSenz is providing technology solutions that support students, faculty, staff, and administrators across a range of functions, including human capital management, payroll, finance, grants, and student information systems.  

Powered with Hyper personalization learning 

AI powered learning and training platforms such as EduSenz enable Hyper-personalization by offering Intelligent Conversational Assistants. These assistants can answer questions from students, provide assistance with learning or assignment tasks, and reinforce concepts with additional materials that can help reinforce the learnings. 

Learn more about EduSenz here 

Check out our Case Study- Digital Campus for Staff and Students. You can read about Hyper-personalized learning in Education here.  

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