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Low-Code Steps to High-level Business Impact

Organizations need custom apps tailored specifically to automate their processes and need to build it fast. While product stakeholders would look into building it from scratch in-house or partner with an ISV, both would incure more time and costs. Modern Low-Code/No-Code solutions are a better, simpler, faster, and cost-saavy approach, allowing people with little to no coding expertise develop and deploy custom automation apps.

We have a strong footprint into developing solutions on Low-Code/No-code automation solutions for Fortune 500 companies. A wide breadth of Low-Code/No-Code application development services (LCNC) support this claim and our delivery of low-code consulting, low-code app development & rollouts, upgrades, integrations, functional validations, and ASM.

Understand Low-Code/No-Code Before You Experience It

In the age of hyperautomation, limited availability of skilled developers can become a hindrance to agile development needs. Here, Low-Code/No-Code development are viable and convenient approaches overcoming this challenge. Little to no coding requirement and simple logic based visual interfaces means involvement of ‘citizen developers’ which was not possible under traditional development approaches.

Achieve Unparalleled Time-to-value
  • Rapidly deliver apps that your business needs with the existing talent.
  • Enhance the productivity of the developer with low-code attributes like visual user interface, reusable components, etc.
Business Intelligence & Analytic Services
  • Develop a variety of solutions ranging from process automation apps to mission-critical systems modernization, without incurring heavy costs.
  • Deliver engaging and immersive experiences to end users across web, mobile, conversational and more, through continuous improvements.
Faster & Newer Way of Developing
  • Empower and involve more developers across the organization to build applications and enhance digitization.
  • Become more agile to respond quickly to changing business and customer needs.

Outlining Low-Code/No-Code Capabilities

Low-code/no-code development for building scalable apps, automation, and AI-powered solutions with drag-and-drop components.

Cloud Development
on Low-Code
  • Supporting cloud and application development with reusable components and logic
  • Leveraging apps – cloud-native and scalable out of the box
  • Enabling scalability as per customer requirements
Process Automation
  • Low-code to build end-to-end consumer-grade applications
  • Automate the full process and address the necessary system or data integrations for seamless functions.
Rapid Application
  • Designing scalable architecture for Low-Code/No-Code applications within a prescribed development architecture.
  • Expertise of building a new application, integrating multiple systems, and enabling data exchanges within complex and dynamic workflows.
Build Multi-Experience
  • Domain experts building diverse smart applications in low code platforms without the need to engage large teams.
  • The outcome : low code applications that deliver exceptional end-user experiences across a range of touchpoints.
App Development
With AI /ML
  • Assist in developing applications that provide actionable insight.
  • Leveraging pre-configured /pre-packaged and custom AI/ML services as drag-and-drop components.

Help set up CoE for:

  • Low-Code/No-Code training
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Providing style and development guides
  • Release standards and frameworks to initiate your adoption
  • Designing scalable architecture for Low-Code/No-Code applications within a prescribed development architecture.
  • Expertise of building a new application, integrating multiple systems, and enabling data exchanges within complex and dynamic workflows.
Low-Code Platform
  • Monitoring and analysis for continuous enhancement.
  • Managing and maintaining existing Low-Code/No-Code
    applications and platforms for citizen developers.
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TeBS Use Cases & Industry Solutions

A glimpse into few of our use-cases built on Microsoft Power Apps

Investor Portal / Portfolio Management Portal Aviation client
Built a self–service customer portal leveraging low-code platform having powerful functionalities, which could seamlessly integrate with existing legacy business applications, enrich the customer experience and enhance employee productivity by providing centralized access to entire customer data in a single portal.
Order creation and tracking Portal for a logistics firm
Digitalize their request creation and tracking process which helped to shorten the end-to-end process duration and improve communication flow in request creation, approval and tracking.
Fundraising and Application Portal for a Public Sector client
Implemented an online Grant Management System on Power Apps Portal to standardize the process for improved governance and sustainability of their conservation efforts. Scalable system to facilitate end-to-end grant lifecycle from programme creation to disbursement and monitoring.
Operations Process Digitization for a Utility firm
Built a customized end-users Power Apps Portal to digitalized operational processes integrating with existing user collaboration systems. Designed and implemented the digital process in Power Apps, reducing development time and cost.

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