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Efficient business operations are essential for meeting diverse customer demands and optimizing costs. Our dedicated business application solutions revolutionize your workflow, driving productivity and cost-effectiveness.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, TeBS delivers cutting-edge business application solutions tailored to your digital transformation needs. Our proven expertise ensures you harness the full potential of Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Power Apps, and Dynamics Business Central.

TeBS Competency in Business Application

At TeBS, we are dedicated to harnessing the full potential of Microsoft's suite to tailor application solutions that meet your unique business challenges. Our expertise spans across Dynamics 365, Business Central, Power Platform, and Power Apps, ensuring a holistic approach to digital innovation and seamless platform integration. This integration is pivotal in breaking down silos, enabling efficient data exchange, and facilitating swift decision-making processes.

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Dynamic 365

Our proficiency with Microsoft Dynamics 365 enhances product experiences and fuels business growth through advanced data integration. We leverage Dynamics 365’s capabilities to create intelligent business applications, driving expansion and offering comprehensive insights for strategic development.

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Business Central

Dynamics Business Central stands at the core of our solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises, offering a comprehensive business management solution. It streamlines operations, finances, sales, and customer service, all within a secure, cloud-based environment.

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Power Platform

The Power Platform is our tool of choice for building custom applications, automating workflows, and analyzing data.

Business Application-
Power Apps

We utilize Power Apps to develop tailored applications, integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, Power BI, and SharePoint.

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Power Automate

By automating routine business processes with Power Automate, we boost your productivity and support your digital transformation goals.

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Azure and Dataverse

Our Azure cloud solutions ensure efficient data storage, application development, and testing. With Microsoft Dataverse, we centralize your data from Dynamics 365 and other applications, facilitating robust system development, data security, and the scalability of your applications.

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Our Value Proposition

Our value proposition lies in delivering tailored Microsoft-powered solutions that optimize efficiency and drive growth, ensuring seamless integration and actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Domain Expertise
Our seasoned experts, along with 30+ Products, Solution Accelerators & Extensions, ease the overall development processes!
Customer Excellence
In addition to serving more than 70 Dynamics 365 clients locally, we have also proudly finished more than 100 projects globally.
Certified Team
50+ Strong Resource Pool of Certified SMEs and Specialists enable us to help you make the most out of Power Platform and Dynamics 365.
Premium Partnership
TeBS has strategic alliances with top technology providers for delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

Optimizing Your Business with Intelligent Microsoft Applications

At TeBS, we specialize in crafting bespoke business applications leveraging Microsoft’s robust platform, tailored to propel businesses into a new era of efficiency and innovation. Our approach marries our unique development methodologies with Microsoft’s powerful tools, enabling us to deliver solutions that enhance agility, foster teamwork, and revolutionize customer engagement across various industries.

Improve Speed & Agility
Leverage TeBS’s expertise in Microsoft’s platform to streamline your business processes, enhancing agility and productivity.
Build Innovative Apps
Streamline your business procedures and develop functional apps with little to no code!
Create New Revenue Streams
Swing the gates open for new revenue streams by providing your customers with dedicated business applications tailored to their use cases.
Leverage Pre-built App Templates
Boost the building of apps using effective Power Apps portal pre-built templates that reduce the overall time to develop applications.
Enhance Productivity With Automation
Ditch the need for manual task handling with the best-in-class workflow automation and bring down your resource costs!
Centralize Governance With Advanced Control
Build advanced business applications that are compliant with established standards and can easily be controlled.
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Industries We Serve

We at TeBS have a rich portfolio of diverse client spectrum from different industries where we have successfully changed the face of business applications.

Here are some ways TeBS may use our intelligent automation solutions specific to particular industries to assist you in creating your own automation strategy.

  • Employed student and teacher-friendly applications
  • Developed business solutions that aim to increase efficiency
  • Microsoft-backed systems that cut down on additional time
  • Power Automate enabled dedicated pharma-based application development
  • High accuracy rates with timely delivery for better client satisfaction
  • Successful data storage with efficient memory allocations
Services Industries
  • Help different platforms to work together with a common store for all the data
  • Clearly outline different functions of the business and plan automation accordingly
  • Applications like inventory storage deployed to reinvent client satisfaction
  • Delivered best-in-class applications that enhanced the manufacturing process
  • Microsoft tools catered to the data requirement with cloud
  • Enhanced team productivity with well-outlined processes
Non-Profit Sector
  • Streamlined the NGO-based clients with specific tools like Dynamics 365 and Azure
  • Better management of teams to get multiple tasks operationalized
  • Dataverse integration to keep track of all your data needs
Transportation and Logistics
  • Tools with real-time data tracking to make sure your fleets are monitored
  • Prevents manual back and forth of requests
  • Serves to be a cost-effective approach in the long run

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