EKGAI Implementation for Bid Management Enhancement

EKGAI Implementation for Bid Management Enhancement

EKGAI Implementation for Bid Management Enhancement

An Australia-based firm that provides consulting services on major infrastructure projects (Dams, railway projects, etc.)

A leading consulting firm headquartered in Australia


Engineering, Infrastructure and Construction

Information Technology

Company Overview

An Australia-based firm that provides consulting services on major infrastructure projects (Dams, railway projects, etc.) worldwide and undertakes feasibility studies, design, tender and contract management along with construction supervision, and project management.

The Challenges Faced

The bid management team was facing significant hurdles in their operations:

  • Information Silos: Knowledge was often confined to individuals who worked on specific bids or projects, leading to challenges in information sharing.
  • Knowledge Loss: The departure of team members resulted in the loss of unique insights, despite the existence of information within bidding and project documents.
  • Duplication of Efforts: Lack of centralized knowledge led to duplication of efforts and overlooked opportunities to leverage past successes, impacting efficiency and innovation in future projects.

TeBS Approach

TeBS proposed to deploy EKGAI for bid management as part of the customer’s “Advancing AI Solutions for Business Efficiency” initiative.

  • Ideation Workshop: We conducted an ideation workshop to identify needs and discuss solution prototyping.
  • Needs Analysis: Performed a comprehensive needs analysis to streamline various data sources and establish a single source of truth.
  • Success Criteria: Identified bidding teams business specific success criteria for evaluating the solution’s impact.

Solution Proposed

With TeBS partnership, the company has implemented a solution leveraging Generative AI to enhance the bid management process. EKGAI differs from other AI solutions like Copilot, which can only access information within Microsoft environments (such as SharePoint). EKGAI, on the other hand, can retrieve information from a wide range of sources beyond Microsoft, providing a more comprehensive knowledge discovery experience.

The proposed solution called EKGAI entails:

  • Implementation: Implementation of a Generative AI-based solution that connects to their various bid management-related repositories- has enhanced the conversational AI-based interface for knowledge discovery.
  • Data Processing: EKGAI enabled data processing from diverse data sources with the ability to differentiate overlapping information such as distinctions between bid documents and project documents.
  • Data Security: EKGAI ensured the security of data with robust protocols and advanced encryption methods, helping protect sensitive information while enhancing bid management and operational efficiency.
  • Tailored Prompting Strategies: The system is now able to analyze responses to develop tailored prompting strategies specific to bid management obtaining higher levels of accuracy.

Key Solution Highlights

  • Platform/Tools: Azure OpenAI, RAG, Embeddings, vector search, connectors to various data sources.

Benefits of Using EKGAI

By leveraging EKGAI, the bid team members could retrieve information by providing their queries in natural language. The responses they received were 80% more relevant, and 90% precise, and there was a 40% increase in information retrieval speed compared to current search methodologies (such as talking to people, going through old emails, and traditional search methods). EKGAI stands out by providing comprehensive access to a wide range of data sources, ensuring your team can make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Information Sharing
  • Self-service access to information
  • Information-Driven Decision making
  • Business function specific outcomes
  • 80% increase in getting relevant information
  • More than 90% precise information
  • 40% increase in information retrieval speed

This strategic initiative not only improved the operational capacities of the bid management team but also set the path for the company to better manage and innovate in their infrastructure projects globally.

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