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Become More Customer-focused With Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM delivers integrated business applications across marketing, sales, customer support, field service, and other functional domains, accelerating and ensuring the success of the digital transformation.

As a Microsoft Dynamics 365 installation partner, we work with customers to help them use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to innovate with intelligent business apps to meet their customers’ requirements proactively. By connecting data and processes, we help them drive corporate development and productivity while also creating superior product experiences. We have supported a number of mid-to-large enterprises in moving from legacy systems to Dynamics 365 and reaping the advantages of enhanced impact and agility in their operations.

TeBS Competency in Microsoft Dynamics 365

With the help of its many sophisticated applications, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 offers a single platform.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
for Marketing

Dynamics 365 for marketing helps to drive meaningful customer interactions across digital and physical channels to create deeper relationships and achieve business success. It elevates customer experiences by turning insights into relevant action using AI-driven recommendations for content, channels, customer segmentation, and analytics.

With Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can

  • Create impactful e-mail campaigns with customizable templates
  • Map a personalized orchestrated customer journey
  • Set up lead scoring models for better nurturing
  • Improve customer targeting with AI-driven insights
Microsoft Dynamics 365
for Sales

It helps to activate digital selling and accelerate sales by connecting people and processes. Dynamics 365 for Sales enables you to digitize your sales processes , shorten sales cycles through AI driven insights,provide a unified view of customer interactions, gives real-time visibility into sales performance, enables” selling on the go” with a mobile first interface.

With Dynamics 365 Sales, you can

  • Manage entire sales pipeline through a single intuitive workspace
  • Seamlessly integrate with Office 365, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Outlook
  • Initiate digital selling with AI powered data insights
  • Sell across multiple channels to accelerate sales
Microsoft Dynamics 365
for Customer Service

Dynamics 365 for customer service gives a end-to-end solution that delivers consistent, connected support across all channels. It helps to personalize customer service engagements, optimize service with actionable insights , resolve issues using AI-powered virtual agents and supports seamless experience for customers and employees.

With Dynamics 365 customer service, you can

  • Support customer service engagements across channels like web,voice chat,social media
  • Analyze customer interactions in real-time using sentiment analysis
  • Enhance customer service by automating support needs with virtual agents
Microsoft Dynamics 365
for Field Service

Dynamics 365 for Field Service delivers proactive service and ensures consistent and dependable operations by predicting, detecting, and resolving service issues even before there’s a problem. It has enhanced AI-enabled scheduling capabilities to give manual, semi-automated, or fully automated scheduling to choose the right technician at the right time.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, you can

  • Deliver connected service experience through predictive data insights
  • Support remote customer team with access to real-time data using IoT and AI-driven tools
  • Provide accurate account and equipment history to the field technician
Microsoft Dynamics 365
for Business Central

Business Central is a complete business management solution that connects financials, sales, service and operations across the organization to make smarter decisions. It is a unified solution with full capabilities on desktop, tablet, or mobile, on-premises or in the cloud, across Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

With Dynamics Business Central, you can

  • Provide a single unified platform to connect across all business functions
  • Leverage built in Power BI dashboards to derive real time data insights
  • Enhance security with its rich features on cloud
  • Streamline operations and make better decisions through AI powered insights
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Industries We Serve

We use all of Dynamics 365’s features and have completed complex, end-to-end projects for clients across a variety of industries globally.

We have enabled many Automotive companies to build more comprehensive and customer-focused processes to better connect with their target audience!
We are proud to have served the insurance industry with the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and polished their user experience.
Non Profit
Most non-profits focus on getting a step closer to their clients, and that is where we have helped our customers make the most of the opportunity!
Our pool of CRM solutions has made room for manufacturing companies to get the most out of their customer interactions at a higher level.
Public Sector
Our professionals have helped teams working in public sectors to leverage innovative business applications and drive their organizations to success.
Our dedicated set of services has helped several utility brands nudge their users to become paying customers.

Services We Offer

As a partner in the Microsoft D365 installation process, assistance with application upkeep, migration, integration, and support for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solution components.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner

As a top partner for the adoption of Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions, we assist our clients in optimizing their return on investment. Our skilled workforce safely deploys Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems for Sales, Marketing, Field Service, and Customer Service.

Card Crm Biz Applications

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications

We specialize in developing specialized, highly customized, and integrated business applications on Dynamics 365. Our trained Microsoft specialists can assist you throughout the whole process of designing, modifying, and integrating an application.

Card Crm Manage Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Migration & Managed Services

We can assist you in transitioning your locally installed Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to the cloud. Our tried-and-true approach ensures a seamless and secure transfer. We provide ongoing assistance and training to ensure that applications function successfully.

Card Crm Biz Central

NAV to Business Central Upgrade

Using Dynamics 365 Business Central, we assist small and medium-sized businesses in replacing old infrastructure and streamlining processes. We can assist with the transition from previous NAV versions to Business Central.

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