Project Service Automation Integration with Dynamics 365

Project Service Automation Integration with Dynamics 365

5 Ways to Integrate PSA with MS Dynamics 365 Office Suite

The best part about Microsoft Dynamics products is the ability to integrate them with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Office suite. Project Service Automation (PSA) can be integrated with Office suite on several fronts and these include:

1) Microsoft Project Integration: Links MS Project’s robust project scheduling and management capabilities to PSA’s real-time resource management and project economics to help improve project processes all the way from estimation to completion.

2) Scheduling Unification: A consolidated scheduling experience that leverages resource availability and skillsets from multiple modes of service to help optimize assignments and improve utilization across cases, work orders or projects.

3) Exchange Booking Integration: A consolidated view of personal appointments and project work assignments on exchange calendar. The ability to capture personal appointments in the PSA work calendar, helps increase employee efficiency and streamlines time reporting.

4) Unified Contracts and Billing with Field Service: A consolidated customer contract to manage sales and invoicing processes across Field Service and PSA, and the related actuals integration with Dynamics 365 for Operations, enables a centralized and consolidated customer service delivery model.

5) Collaborative Portals: Customer and partner visibility to project-related tasks, status, resources and invoices including approval of quotes helps enhance project productivity.


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