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Optimize operations with specialized Training Management Solutions.

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Increase the efficiency & profitability

Digital disruption and evolving customer expectations pose challenges for training institutes. Training Business Software optimizes operations, enhancing efficiency. EduSenz, a Training Management Solution (TMS), empowers providers to digitize and compete. It centralizes management, simplifies operations, and fosters communication. EduSenz facilitates course and fee management, faculty oversight, and provides interactive portals and reports.

EduSenz Integrated Training Management System

Digitize your training business operations with EduSenz.

Enhance Operational Efficiency
Enhance Operational Efficiency
EduSenz streamlines back-office training tasks, automating processes to save employee time for higher-value work.
Intelligent Content
Intelligent Content
Centralized platform simplifies training and course management, allowing easy access to explore courses, interact with AI bots for personalized suggestions and assistance.
Accelerate Business Growth
Accelerate Business Growth
EduSenz manages all operations—courses, trainers, events, marketing, payments, and invoicing—providing comprehensive insights for business growth.

EduSenz Features and Capabilities

EduSenz powerful Student Management System is Helping create an engaging learning experience through training management system


Helps with end-to -end course management across – registration, class enrollment, course participation and evaluation.

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Participant Management
Efficiently manage registrations, distribute course schedules instantly, and track completions.
Classroom Management
Centrally oversee classrooms and courses, handling bookings, schedules, fees, attendance, and more.
Course Management
Centralize course management, automate tasks, and boost efficiency by reducing manual work.
Faculty Management
Enhance faculty communication, share schedules and venue bookings online, optimizing course occupancy.
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Collaborate across departments and extended ecosystem to improve productivity and accelerate business growth.

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Events & Marketing
Conduct email and event campaigns to reach students and alumni, promoting courses and offers.
Affiliate Management
Engage affiliates in industry events, marketing, and personalized email invitations for delegates.
Grant Distribution
Streamline grant administration for institutes and export gateway data for claim status updates.
Resource Management
Centralize administrative documents across training touchpoints for efficient resource management.
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Automate operations for efficiency and track business performance with dashboards & reports

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Automated Operations
Automate course enrollment, scheduling, and calendar management for maximum productivity.
Integrate with payroll and accounting for streamlined data entry and efficient invoice tracking.
Feedback / Survey Management
Collect feedback from students, trainers, and alumni with user-friendly tools for actionable insights.
Reports and Analytics
Analyze enrollment, revenue, attendance, and course data to drive efficiency-focused decisions.
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Key Benefits of EduSenz

Helping training institutes to digitize their operations to enhance productivity

Single Source of Truth
Get a complete view of students, trainers, and alumni through a single portal.
Intelligent Collaboration
Enable seamless collaboration across HR, finance, and procurement with AI-driven automation.
Cut ownership costs with pre-built templates, low-code setup, and minimal customization.
Seamless Integration
Seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365, enhancing productivity.
Easy Data Access
Integrates with document management and other backend systems using connectors.
Ease of Access
Provide users a mobile-friendly self-service portal for easy access to all features.
SaaS Enabled
Fully hosted SaaS built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online, hosted on Microsoft Cloud.
Scalable and Secured
Scalable, secure, and compliant solution ready for deployment, easy to maintain.
Integration with Skills Future SG
Compliant with Singapore’s SSG systems with TP Gateway (TPG) integration.

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