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Embarking on a swift evolution, organizations now embrace digital transformation, weaving a tapestry where people, processes, and data harmonize for peak performance. At TeBS, we propel this metamorphosis with avant-garde Business Process Automation solutions, orchestrating a symphony of efficiency. Unleash the potential of seamless automation for a customer-centric and operationally agile future.

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Forging Ahead – A Testament to our Innovation and Unyielding Progress while Redefining Technological Horizons with Unwavering Resolve.

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BPA Services

TeBS pioneers bespoke BPM Software solutions, harnessing robust low-code automation. Seamlessly melding people, tech, and data, we catalyze organizational process excellence. Our adept specialists craft tailored strategies, leveraging cutting-edge BPA solutions. With keen insights into your needs and tech landscape, we sculpt adaptive processes for unparalleled efficiency.

Business Process Automation Consulting Services

We provide end-to-end services across business process automation strategy and road map and offer solutions across business process design, process mining, monitoring, analytics, and automation.

Business Process Automation Implementation & Support

Our experts can help with architecture assessment, business process automation product fitment analysis, reference architecture, and solution architecture definition which allows for continuous optimization.

Business Process Automation Centre of Excellence (COE)

Our business process automation experts can help define the standards, and best practices needed to implement effectively. We can help define the framework and establish the Center of Excellence (CoE) model for continuous improvement.

Business Process Automation Software Upgrade & Testing Services

Our unique set of tools makes BPM Software upgrades reliable and cost-effective assisting with upgraded methodology, estimation kits, and automation frameworks. Our testing services focus on early defect detection, thereby reducing overall cost.

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TeBS Industry Solutions

As a trusted and experienced business process automation solution provider, we assist in automating repetitive yet business-critical tasks for greater consistency and improved operational efficiency.

Claims Process Automation
We help automate claims operations and enable self-service claim filing by eliminating the need for human input. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like ML-based fraud prevention and intelligent document processing for OCR.
Service Request Management
All service requests issued to different vendors are integrated, and their progress is tracked by an IT department. To ensure that you obtain balanced days or amounts, SLA tracking, and vendor performance, we automate the entire process.
Employee On-boarding and Off-boarding
The onboarding and offboarding of recruits, as well as the whole employee lifecycle, from hiring to retirement, may all be entirely automated with the aid of BPM software.
Hiring Requisition
We provide HR staff members more authority by automating processes like departmental recruiting requests, which are sent up the departmental food chain before reaching the HR/Talent department.
Grants Management
We assist automate every step of the grant management process, including grant application, review, project monitoring, expense tracking, and intellectual property development.
Procurement Process Automation
We help simplify, digitize, and automate procurement processes such as purchase orders, invoice management, contract approvals, and vendor management.

Our Optimization Approach

Our unique approach to BPM Software consulting is in our process model which covers the entire business process lifecycle from business process automation strategy and roadmap and governance to the continuous improvement process.

Application Modernization

Enterprise Architecture

  • Conducting Process Analysis
  • Evaluating Process optimization potential
  • Process Documentation and creation of a standard repository

Application Modernization

Process Improvement

  • Identify process inefficiencies
  • Analyze process and recommend optimization
  • Identify processes for automation

Application Modernization

Process Optimization

  • Design workflows & process prioritization
  • Process implementation
  • Follow up for continuous improvement

TeBS Techniques for Integrating Various Automation Technologies

As a trusted and experienced business process automation solution provider, we assist in automating repetitive yet business-critical tasks for greater consistency and improved operational efficiency.

Design Thinking
We Redefine Design by Skilfully Integrating Varied Automation Technologies for Optimal Solutions.
Process Re-engineering
We Utilise Process Re-Engineering Mastery, Harmonizing Varied Automation Technologies for Enhanced Operational Excellence.
Process Evaluation Techniques
We Try to Elevate Process Evaluation with Ingenious Techniques, Weaving Together Varied Automation Technologies for Precise Operational Insight.
We assist in Innovating MVP Development, Seamlessly Integrating Diverse Automation Technologies for Swift Iteration and Market Validation.

Our Partner Ecosystem

We help our clients to automate their workflows and business processes by bringing the best-in class technology providers in the BPM ecosystem.

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