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Microsoft Azure revolutionizes application development, cutting costs, offering scalability, user-friendliness, and integration with on-premises systems. As leading Azure partners, TeBS maximizes Azure’s potential with custom software development, cloud migration, engineering, and DevOps services.

Microsoft Azure Capabilities

Microsoft Azure streamlines app development with data computation, storage, management, networking, and custom tools, saving time and costs.

Azure SQL
  • Azure SQL Database speeds up app development with a familiar SQL engine.
  • Migrate databases seamlessly without altering apps and integrate data with built-in AI and analytics.
Azure Stack Services
  • Azure Stack unifies cloud and on-premises data centers.
  • It revolutionizes hybrid cloud platforms, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
Azure Security
  • Azure Security shields data, apps, and infrastructure with built-in services.
  • Benefit from advanced threat protection in hybrid cloud setups, thanks to Azure’s robust security intelligence.
Azure AI & Machine Learning
  • Azure Machine Learning enables data scientists to prep, experiment, and deploy models at scale.
  • It features Workbench, Experimentation Service, Model Management Service, a learning library, and Visual Studio Code Tools for AI.
Azure Cognitive Services
  • Merges image processing, semantic search, natural language processing, speech conversion, and more to solve business challenges.
  • It empowers apps, websites, and bots with smart algorithms for understanding user needs.

Our Core Services

We assist clients in maximizing the Microsoft Azure platform, whether migrating existing apps, modernizing legacy systems, or developing cloud-native solutions.

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Azure Application Development

  • Microsoft Azure Application Development
  • Legacy Application Modernization
  • Azure Integration Services
  • Cloud Optimization
  • Application Containerization

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Cloud Migration

  • On-Premises, AWS, Azure migration to Microsoft Azure Platform
  • Application migration and modernization to new cloud native infrastructure
  • Cloud governance frameworks for safe migration
  • Security and performance tuning

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Microsoft Azure DevOps Services

  • CI /CD Implementation
  • Quality Assurance, Automation and Testing
  • Software release automation on Microsoft Azure Platform

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

Azure Offers Unmatched Efficiency
Azure enables app development with familiar languages like Visual Basic, C++, C#, etc., and Windows-like settings, boosting efficiency for faster creation.
Azure: Open, Adaptable, Easy Integration
Azure seamlessly integrates apps, data, devices, and partners across on-premises and cloud. Its agile toolset covers diverse integration needs, including mobile apps and partner payments.
Media Services Support
Azure Media Services securely handles video/audio upload, storage, encoding, and packaging for on-demand and live streaming, offering high agility and scalability.
Azure supports Hybrid Solutions
Azure seamlessly integrates on-premises and public cloud using open VHD standard, enabling customized migration strategies tailored to unique business needs and existing investments.


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