Optimizing Processes for Facilities Management

Optimizing Processes for Facilities Management

Optimizing Processes for Facilities Management

TeBS brings efficiency to a power utilities company in Singapore through process optimization and automation for Facilities Management


One of the major utilities company has hundreds of facilities across Singapore. These facilities have many equipment and related accessories that require frequent maintenance and repairs. The facilities management team receive hundreds of requests on a weekly basis related to defects, repairs, replacements, etc. which are to be routed to various teams based on the defect categories, ex. Electrical, Plumbing, etc.

Utilities Company has approached TeBS with the challenges faced on their facilities management. Backed with digital transformation and process optimization expertise, TeBS took on the challenge, studied their processes and suggested optimization and automated information flow to remove disconnected processes. Thus achieving the greater efficiency and enhanced user experience.

The Need

Streamline the requests based on the facility, category, urgency, etc.

Easy allocation for tasks to technicians with ability to reassign, re-categorize them

Have an efficient tracking mechanism to monitor the SLAs

Timely information to stakeholders through alerts, dashboards and reports

Solution Provided

TeBS delivered K2 Workflow Applications in an extremely hardened IT infrastructure ecosystem. The team of K2 Architects, infra consultants and K2 developers took up the task of designing the system that can efficiently streamline the requests received by the Facility Management team for resolution.

In Essence

  • TeBS successfully setup the K2 Workflow Applications within the utilities company and created a platform that can on-board many of their critical business processes on to this platform
  • Study and recommend the optimization of manual processes into an automated rule based workflow with process improvements
  • Create an automated and efficient business process that can easily scale to changing business needs
  • An intelligent system that can help to monitor the activities efficiently and take corrective actions proactively, thus meeting the SLAs
  • Mobile app for easy fault reporting and status updates

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