A global logistics enterprise increases process runtime by 128% by using RPA

A global logistics enterprise increases process runtime by 128% by using  RPA

A global logistics enterprise increases process runtime by 128% by using RPA

Our customer is a leading independent common carrier and provides feeder services to their clients across various geographical regions around the world.

A Leading Freight Carrier




SAP, Excel, Web Applications

Logistics & freight reporting automation increases the process runtime by 128%.

The Challenges

The finance team was facing tremendous challenge in processing of documents and reports as they were all manually extracted and were error prone. They were dealing with a wide range of document types, formats and had to perform complex validation checks against different business rules. These reports had to be compared and validated against various regional and
local internal systems and mapping files. The collective manual effort spent on these tedious
and time-consuming processes were approximately 288 hours per day spanning over activities such as report downloading, processing, interpreting, calculating and re-validating.

Manual processing and over reliance on human effort led to inefficiencies like:
1. Huge transaction processing time due to complex calculations and validations.
2. Delayed reporting due to large volume of data and manual processing.
3. Repetitive work by resources due to manual rechecks and re-processing of reports.

The Solution

TeBS implemented a fully automated solution for reporting processing using UiPath enterprise RPA platform. We collaborated with their finance team to create an effective RPA deployment plan. We designed the robot to mimic and perform manual tasks like report extraction from SAP, validation of sub-tasks etc. The robot was able to handle high volume of transactions using business rules or structured data. We used VBA to perform calculations in excel, thereby ensuring quicker response in the system to perform multiple calculations in less time.


Post automation, TeBS team was able to eliminate time-consuming, manual repetitive tasks and free up internal resources for other value-added work. Currently, the process is running as “Unattended” and is being scheduled from the windows task scheduler. The process does not require human intervention at all. Post Implementation, the process now takes only total 16
hours to be completed across various regional offices, increasing the process runtime by 128%. With 100% accuracy and zero calculation and validation errors, the automation solution has enhanced the team efficiency by nearly 65%.


The finance team was able to see a positive impact with the implemented RPA solution.

  • Achieved high operational efficiency with a complete automation of their revenue reporting process.
  • Significant accuracy was achieved thus mitigating the risk of rework due to manual work.
  • Increase in employee productivity and substantial cost savings with report automation.
  • Employees are satisfied and motivated as they can focus on performing value added work and can avoid the manual repetitive work.
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