Our customer, a leading authorized vehicle distributor in Singapore wanted to automate their business processes to significantly reduce the turnaround time needed for various approval processes across the entire organization .

A leading automotive



Nintex Platform

A global automotive client drives operational efficiency through workflow and form automation

Business Overview

Our customer, is a leading authorized vehicle distributor and trusted partner of established and reputed global car brands like Toyota, Lexus, and Hino in Singapore . As a leading car distributor in Singapore, they lead the industry with a ‘Customer First’ philosophy, delivering products of quality, durability and reliability.

They had many legacy manual workflows and lengthy internal processes that needed to be refined, automated, and cleaned up. They were keen to automate manual processes across HR , Finance and IT functions to remove bottlenecks and speed up internal approval processes for enhanced productivity .


Our customer had a significant number of business processes that involved the completion and approval of paper-based forms. These manual based forms and processes resulted in delays, inconsistencies and errors .They needed more agile processes to eliminate these bottlenecks .

Manual form processing and lengthy approval processes were leading to inefficiencies across

• Back-office operations
• Inventory and warehouse stock management
• Credit application processing time
• Supplier onboarding
• HR processes like recruitment and onboarding
• Payment processing
• Capex Process
• IT Project approval system


The customer selected TeBS to implement a fully automated solution for form processing using Nintex platform. We collaborated with their HR, customer service and finance team to create an effective automation deployment plan. We identified multiple forms for initializing the automation processes .
Based on the complexity of the approval process, we created 140+ workflows for 15 key business processes. We also implemented a complete eForm system which provided the business managers with a dashboard to view the tasks and forms in one common page. This also helped them to speed up the approval process through Lazy approval features. TeBS also created multiple UDA to cater to the new process and its common actions without much development effort.


With digitization of workflows and forms ,our customer was able to reduce process completion time, and increase productivity .
• Credit Application – Apply to review new/existing credit for the suppliers.
• IT HW SW Installation – New Software/Hardware request for employees
• IT Project Approval Request – New Project approval.
• Refund Form – Refund of asset/Budget trigger approval process based on Amount, Department, Category .
• Staff On-Boarding/Off-Boarding – Staff Onboarding/ Off-Boarding Process
• Supplier Creation Form – Live forms for external Suppliers to submit which will trigger the internal approval Process and send the outcome to external Suppliers
• Stock Adjustment Request – Purchase/Adjust request of stocks in the warehouse with multiple approval process.
• Capex – Maintenance of Asset with more than 10+ Levels of approval across Many Departments


The team was able to see a positive impact with the implemented Nintex solution

• Turn Around Time & Errors – Automation of various forms enabled lesser turnaround time, reduced human errors, enhanced productivity at a lower cost.
• AHT (Average Handling Time) – The average time taken to process various forms was significantly reduced and helped business managers to avoid manual tracking and submitting of multiple duplicate items
• Accuracy Of Processes – The implemented solution helped to achieves high precision and automation percentage levels

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