Enhance customer engagement with power platform

Enhance customer engagement with power platform

Enhance customer engagement through a portal built on Microsoft Power Platform

Our customer was looking to build an easy-to-use portal solution to simplify customer and employee interaction to review the logged  cases .  The Portal built on Microsoft Power Platform provided  better visibility on the logged support cases thereby  enhancing customer service  and employee engagement .

A leading aircraft leasing firm



Customer Service

Microsoft Power Apps

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Power Virtual Agents

A global aircraft leasing enterprise embarks on digital transformation by digitizing customer touchpoints

The Challenges

Our customer, a leading commercial aircraft leasing provider in Asia, wanted to enhance customer service and transform business interactions between customers and employees through a self-service portal with round-the-clock support and the ability to submit bids and requests for information (RFPs ) online in a secure environment.

The current system was outdated and lacked visibility and transparency in tracking the customer-logged cases. Due to disparate systems and siloed data, it was difficult to get a unified view of all submitted RFPs and their status. The processing of customer RFPs were currently handled manually and required multiple follow-up e-mails and notifications to be sent by employees to different stakeholders.

The customer wanted to have a secure portal with a web interface to enrich the customer experience and enhance employee productivity by providing centralized access to entire customer data in a single portal.

The Solution

We proposed a complete digital transformation plan, which involved the digitization of their customer touchpoints.

Our first step was to build a self–service customer portal with powerful functionalities, which could seamlessly integrate with existing legacy business applications.

We leveraged the Power Apps Portal to build a customer (lessees) portal to streamline the submission of RFPs’and an internal portal for their management team to view and authenticate these RFPs.

The customer portal was self-service, with secured login access. We enriched the portal with advanced functionalities like – user registration, authentication, dashboard view of bidding RFPs, and their status.  The portal allowed the customer to bid online for the proposal, submit the RFPs and download these documents for future reference . The portal enabled the customers to view the progress and status of their bids at any time by logging in

Post RFP submission, a notification was auto-generated and sent to the authorized employee for further action. Most of the processes were automated in this backend management module like- managing RFPs, processing approvals, creating notifications and generating reports.


The authorized employee also had access to a dashboard that provided a 360-degree view of all submitted RFPs, various logged cases, their status, and notifications for further action.

The Benefits

We leveraged the entire Microsoft power platform comprising of Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual agents to build the solution. We created low-code, responsive, personalized websites in a short period. The portal creation helped significantly in bringing operational efficiency and enhanced customer experience. Self Service portal and automation  reduced  the burden on internal support team .

Portal and Automation: The customer portal was built on Power Apps portal and Power Automate was used to help automate all the back-end business processes. Automation   helped to remove many  manual mundane workflows like  –  email preparation and sending them out, collation of all RFP  responses and manually sending them out to stakeholders for its approval

Easy to manage – All content can now be updated and new RFP-related documentation and resources could be added with ease by internal administrators. Power BI was used to deliver dashboards for the management team to view all the key metrics to monitor the progress of the logged cases

Secure engagement – All data exchanges related to the bidding process could be now done through the secured portal and were controlled through reliable authentication methods. The Dataverse provisions gave greater flexibility of storing various types of data securely in one co-location. It also integrated with legacy system databases using either built-in or customized connectors.

Scalability: In the next phase of the project, we also built the  “Portfolio Management” module which is an extension to the existing portal and is targeted to handle multiple modules for different business scenarios. The Portal used Power Virtual Agents, which supported end-users by  answering their  questions through  powerful chatbots

Future readiness of the Microsoft Power Platform ensured for next level of digital transformation for our customers and we helped in shaping their Digital agenda by building custom applications to enhance customer engagement and boost employee productivity

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