5 Benefits of Project Monitoring Systems

5 Benefits of Project Monitoring Systems

What is a Project Monitoring System? 

The Project Monitoring System is an online tool that enables monitoring and management of projects within the scope of tasks and expenditures. It is a tool designed for all executive management, project managers and clients to have a single view of project schedules, health, risk, progress and documents. 

TeBS Project Monitoring System, ProjectSenz is one of the most useful tools that helps to automate the project management process and makes project managers as effective as possible, regardless of the industry by tracking the progress of project. 

Benefits of Project Monitoring Systems 

1. Real Time Tracking 

With the help of project monitoring system, project managercan easily track activities in real-timeincluding what the team is doing, which team members are completing their tasks, or all other activities that is needed. This transparency helps project managerto take important decisionfor their project.  

2. Stakeholder Collaboration 

The project monitoring system provides a collaborative platform where users can communicate and manage all relevant documents, planners, milestones in one central centre. 

3. Improvement of Productivity 

It is important to take the necessary actions to gain control over the progress of the project plan and the project monitoring system provides regular statistics and project progress reports, so managers can anticipate the probability of overdue tasks or missing deadlines and provide valuable advice on how team can work together to prevent this from happening. 

4. Anytime, Anywhere 

The project owner or manager can monitor project activities anytime, anywhere from any device.  

5. Real time suggestions & recommendations 

It is important that the team lead can share suggestions at any timeif any changes are required during the development of the project.  With project monitoring systems like ProjectSenz, project managers can share recommendations & suggestions in real time. 

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