What's New With CareSenz 2.0?

What’s New With CareSenz 2.0?

To keep pace of the ever changing technology landscape of organizations, we either need to make some modifications or add more properties to our existing solutions. TeBS’ CareSenz offers several functionalities for NPO Management including donationseventsvolunteer management and much more. 

Here are few add-ons in CareSenz Version 2.0 

1. Fundraising Management

Funding management is the biggest challenge for NPOs. Now with CareSenz, users will be able create Fundraising campaign to raise funds for a specific beneficiary or a cause in CCIS. Each Fundraising shall have a start date, end date, target amount, cause, beneficiary etc. and also needs approval. After  approvals, Donors/Customers can donate online via the portal and it shall be tracked in the CCISWith CareSenz, NPOs now have a tool to streamline fundraising activities and raise money, all on a single digital platform.  

2. Attendee Fee Structure in the Events Module

Asking for donations is an important skill that non-profits must master. NPOs usually organize events to approach donors and volunteers, and sometimes they run paid events as well, here fee structure comes into playCareSenz helps NPOs to create different fee modules to encourage more donors to make donations categorised as:  

  • Multiple Tiers/Tickets specific for events 
  • Discounts 
    • Early bird 
    • Flat Discount etc. 
    • First come first discounts 

3. Program Management with different On-boarding opportunities

Program management is the most important module for NPOs, since it gives them the flexibility to publish different program opportunities as per their needs. CareSenz gives non-profits the tools they need to execute programs on time, build stakeholder trust and turn visions into realities. With an intuitive online interface, CareSenz makes program management like fundraising events or capital projects, track donations and expenses, and manage staff and volunteers, easy.  

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