Optimizing Remote Working for Your Non-Profit

Optimizing Remote Working for Your Non-Profit

We never thought that remote work would be the new criteria for today’s workforce. Certainly, with social distancing laws in full effect, Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) have also joined this trend.

Remote work has its own advantages – employees are more productive, creative, companies cut costs, and employers can find the best talent if not restricted by location and time. On top of everything, remote workers are 50% less likely to quit the job.

The work done by NPOs is important and needs to despite these difficult times in the pandemic. The steps taken now by NPOs to create and adopt to a remote workforce will have an immediate impact on the resilience of these organizations.

Major Challenges faced by NPOs

1. Collaboration & Communication Gap

The most common challenge remote teams report is communication & collaboration gap while working from different locations.

2. Tracking Tasks and Productivity

While working remotely, the biggest challenge of an NPO is to monitor the status of the work for its volunteers and members. Instead of indulging themselves in the burden of meetings or emails, they want a quick way to track the status of projects such as who made the changes to the document, the history of the document, tagging the collaborator for quick responseetc.

3. Managing Donations and Funds

As a result of the pandemic, demand for care and support services has increased exponentially. However, many charities and NPOs are still following conventional methods of reaching out to donors and raising funds for operations.

4. Data privacy

The most important concern amongst NPOs is protecting their sensitive data like Donor, Members & Volunteer information as well as protect confidential documents, reports and assets

5. Lack of Donor & Volunteer Management System

Due to the remote working culture, NPOs are finding it increasingly difficult to manage the members, donors and volunteer information in a single place. .

To overcome these challenges, a robust and secure cloud-based collaboration tool which provides all the necessary information, documents at one place and protects all confidential documents, assets and information from cyber-attacks is the solution for NPOs and charity organizations to implement a safe and flexible remote working operational model.

How CareSenz can help to overcome these challenges with Remote teams?

CareSenz is an innovative Digital solution specially designed for Non-Profit Organizations, built on Office 365, Dynamics 365 CRM, Power BI and Azure Cognitive platform. It is available anytime, anywhere as a mobile app and on an online portal.

With CareSenz , NPOs can

  • Stay up to date with donor information
  • Single source of truth for all information
  • Donation & Volunteer Management
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Highly Secured
  • Easy collaboration with Team
  • Manage the entire event cycle from Event creation to Event Closure and event attendance Management
  • Online Payment Mode

CareSenz has the following modules and applications:

NPO Transformation Journey

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CareSenz is also listed on Microsoft AppSource.

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