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NET MAUI is a framework for native mobile and desktop apps, part of Microsoft’s versatile .NET framework. TeBS, a dot net development company, uses .NET Framework to build visually appealing apps with secure communication. As a Microsoft gold certified partner, we simplify cross-platform development and create native desktop and mobile apps with .NET & MAUI.

Microsoft .Net & MAUI Capabilities

.NET MAUI enables cross-platform app development in XAML and C# via Visual Studio. It facilitates sharing UI design across Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows from one codebase.

Building Native Apps

.NET MAUI, built on .NET 6, employs modern technologies to create native apps for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows, abstracting them into a unified framework.

Enhance Productivity with Visual Studio

Leverage C#, .NET, and Visual Studio to reduce the time and difficulty to build native, multi-platform apps.

Build Hybrid Applications with Blazor

Develop hybrid apps in C# without JavaScript. Use Blazor web components in .NET MAUI apps, accessing native capabilities and packaging.

Unified App Platform

Access a shared set of APIs across all .NET 6 apps for easier component and library reuse. Tap into a vast ecosystem of packages to accelerate development.

Solutions We Offer

We maximize the potential of Microsoft’s .NET platform for diverse app development needs.

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Web Development

Our certified professionals excel in crafting responsive web apps using Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET MVC Core, ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms, Web Pages, Xamarin, and more.

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API Development

We can build elastic, scalable, and secure APIs to connect microservices, giving access to legacy data, and reducing the need to write complex integration code.

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Mobile Application Development

In-depth expertise in .NET Core cross-platform development enables us to create powerful mobile applications based on the Xamarin framework compatible with both iOS and Android.

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Cloud Application Development

With .NET technologies, we help companies build fast, modern, and scalable cloud-based apps that run on all major platforms and ensure high flexibility, control, and disaster recovery.

Customer Success Stories

We help businesses across industry sectors like-Banking, Insurance, Public Sector, Non-profit and many more to digitally transform through our BPM Software and business process automation services.

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