Intranet with Office 365

Intranet with Office 365

Digital workplaces are the current trend with companies and organizations focusing on designing online platforms for their employees to work from. Intranet platforms are growing rapidly with advanced features to allow your teams to communicate and collaborate efficiently from the comfort of their homes.  

IntraSenz is one of the leading Intranet products with an array of tools at the disposal to guide companies and help unleash their true potential. Office 365 is a collection of highly advanced tools that can assist you in the management and supervision of various sectors in your digital workplace. The IntraSenz Office 365 is a cloud-based suite that provides your team with great mobility and access to coordinate in multiple work processes towards better results. 

Our Office 365 suite comes with a wide spectrum of tools that can help you function efficiently on the online platform such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business etc. bringing all you need at one place. Each tool is designed to serve a certain specific purpose to assist the different aspects of your work processes and help you increase efficiency and output.  

Here are a few features of the various tools present in Office 365: 

  • Instant Data Sharing: Office 365 has SharePoint which can help your team store data digitally eliminating it in a secure online platform and share it instantly with their colleagues making it easy to work together from homes.  
  • It has tools to facilitate video conferences and meetings online on your own private network and with other companies on a secure platform improving communication and outreach.  
  • Data analysis and interpretation features are also available with powerful analytical tools that can handle huge loads of data and process it to interpret easily.   
  • Safety and Security: The online cloud-based systems help store the data easily in the cloud removing the need for off-site storage of data. The Enterprise Mobility and Security pack ensure easy access to the saved files for future references. 

Enjoy efficiency in a nutshell with the IntraSenz Office 365 Intranet package and make work simple for your team. Get all your tools on one platform operating at their maximum potential at and unlock success. 

 Get in touch with us to begin your Intranet journey! 

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