5 Tips for Building Your Modern Digital Workplace with IntraSenz

5 Tips for Building Your Modern Digital Workplace with IntraSenz

We live in a fast-paced world filled with people striving day and night balancing their work and personal chores. Business is slowly recovering from the restraining clutches of the COVID-19 pandemic as we are back in our saddles, ready to return to our workplaces. Companies and enterprises need to capitalise on the growing surge of new opportunities and better equip themselves to enhance their efficiency and performance. Equipping companies with advanced technology and services will motivate your workforce to improve their work rate and your overall results. 87% of CIOs believe digitally empowering employees can drive at least 5% additional revenue growth over 3 years. 

Here are a few tips to revamp your workplace and build your modern digital workplace with IntraSenz-a smart and collaborative framework for your staff and employees. 

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The pandemic has forced us to adapt from on-premise work practises to remote working and collaboration due to the various safety precautions that we needed to take. The trend of remote working has grown widely since the onset of the COVID pandemic and companies across the world in different fields and sectors have evolved to keep up with the growing needs. Work from home helps employees work in the comfort of their houses allowing them to focus on their work without having to travel and worry about safety precautions.  

Employees can greatly benefit from the integration of their work processes online allowing them to find the ideal balance between their work and personal lives. Proper communication and collaboration can be achieved by efficient planning and use of various digital tools helping you develop an office-like environment for your employees. Cloud computing and virtual desktop environments are the way to go to seamlessly integrate your work and personal lives with ease. 

IntraSenz enables organizations to implement a highly functional remote working setup.  

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A vast array of new tools has been developed to enhance the work experience of employees and simplify routine work processes for them. Automation assisted work processes with constant training and updating of your employee’s knowledge and efficiency giving them a competitive edge over employees of other companies. There are various companies like IntraSenz that help you achieve enterprise-wide collaboration and communication.  

Online collaboration helps in easier task handling and tracking of their progress. It allows easier management of documents and assets and improves your customer delivery system by ensuring the timely submission of quality work. The use of automation to handle routine repetitive mundane tasks allows the employees to better use their time focussing on areas that are essential for the growth and progress of your enterprise. 

IntraSenz enables effective communication and collaboration amongst employees across departments of organizations.  

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Most companies and enterprises are focussed on transforming their workspace into a high performance modern digital niche. 95% of organizations agree that a digital workplace is important and 38% of the organizations are currently employing digital workplace technology. Employees need to get accustomed to the new technological advancements that improve the field to improve their work efficiency. Employees of most organizations restrict themselves to using old technology applications and equipment as they are denied access or provided selective access to advanced technology. These restrictions that are imposed are the workforce need to be removed and they need to be provided access and training to advanced technology and applications to better perform their assignments and this can be achieved with powerful collaboration tools such as IntraSenz.  

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There is fierce competition between companies and enterprises in all fields and sectors in identifying new potential customers and providing their services and products to the current customer base. The pandemic has affected the market greatly and now as the economy is slowly reviving companies are fighting tooth and nail to regain their footing in the market.  

It is essential to enhance the customer user experience and improve their interactions with your enterprise to attract and retain customers.  

IntraSenz empowers workforce to handle more workflow and produce results faster than before. Rope in new tools and applications from digital workplace facilitators like IntraSenz to improve customer interactions and reduce the operational time for providing your services. Efficiency and high-quality performance with innovative additions to the working platforms will help you enhance results and help boost profits.  

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One of the many hurdles to a productive office setup is the lack of a good working relationship between the administration and the employees. It is essential to ensure cordial relations between the upper and lower echelons of your workplace to produce a successful collaboration in your workflow.  

Complicated administrative flow and micromanagement of employees will result in a strained relationship in the office. IntraSenz provides transparency and proper communication enabled by new technology and digitization of your work processes that will help in creating a trusting office space for your business to flourish.  



Business is a game of opportunities and we need to capitalise on the right opportunities at the right time with the right equipment to ensure sure success in our careers. Digitization of your workspace with digital tools like IntraSenz will help empower your employees and yourself to better poise yourself when these opportunities show up and grab them with both hands to reap maximum benefits from them. Digitize your work processes and simplify life for better performance and results.  

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