The Future of Digital Signatures

The Future of Digital Signatures

Digital Signatures – The Future of Digital Innovation

In an age where emerging technologies are penetrating every sector of the economy, staying on top of these advancements mean organizations need to keep up with trends. Companies are looking at ways to innovate so that they can make their existing processes easier and consequently, save time and improve efficiency.

Amongst the array solutions that can enhance an organizations’ competitive edge, digital signature software is a must-have! Digital signatures are the paperless, secure and effective way of sending, receiving and approving documents.

DocuSign is a Digital Signature solution that promises to automate and accelerate organizations’ agreement and approval processes. Not only can DocuSign reduce the time and money spent on managing paperwork, it also minimizes the risk when it comes to legal, security and compliance issues.

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Why You Should Adopt Digital Signatures in Your Paperless Office Saves Time

  • Speed Up the Execution of Time-Sensitive Contracts: E-signing skyrockets the document turnaround time.
  • Eliminate Tedious Processes: No need for printing documents, scanning, posting and waiting for the client to revert with a signature
  • Sign Documents Anywhere and Anytime
  • Accessibility: Retrieve documents faster when you can get access with the click of a button.

Saves Money

  • Cost-effective: Save paper, printing, packaging, shipping costs.
  • Lower Transactional Cost: Reduces the financial impact of human error such as signing mistakes.

Convenient & Accessible

  • Accessibility: Digital signatures can be made by anyone residing in any part of the world. Users can sign in into any document without needing to move locations.

Highly Secure

  • Mitigate Risk: Electronic signing software provides alerts about suspicious activities/records or compliance issues involved with contracts.
  • Verifiable: With digital signature, authenticity is guaranteed as there will be no need to prove the identity of the signer and it helps with ensuring verification and validation.

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