7 Features to have in an Intelligent & Secured Collaborative Platform

7 Features to have in an Intelligent & Secured Collaborative Platform

What is a Collaboration Tool 

A collaboration tool is as simple as a white board in a conference room, where people can virtually connect, brainstorm and solve problems to achieve common business goals. 

As we see all across the globe, the new normal now for businesses is to work remotely with small teams or as individuals. Therefore, many organizations are increasingly making decisions to run their businesses to profitability while meeting the needs of their workforce. During this critical time when countries have restricted travel, workplaces need to be connected, now more than ever.

Now is an exciting time for organizations and their customers to build modern collaborative environment as the digital world is moving rapidly,  transforming Workforce and workplaces and changing how and where employees work. This is why collaboration tools are in high demand. 

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Make informed decisions on content with insights for data security and archival 

A tool that uses content search automatically suggests documents that each user may find interesting or useful. Individual selection of recommended content depends on user, their connections, and the projects they are working on. Every best collaboration tool provides discovery features. 

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Auto Tagging of content with Smart OCR including images 

Every day, everywhere, employees work with huge volume of documents or content: they create as well as consume. For this it is very important to get the document when they need.  

And it’s not as simple as it sounds. There are many different things that have to happen and fit together to make content usability and visibility good and successful. So before moving with any collaboration tool we should make sure that it has smart search tool 

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Ensure PDPA compliance with Machine Learning and Regex Key words search 

Workplace safety compliance refers to efforts made by an organization to ensure that they conform to industry regulations or government legislation. 

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Protect files in-place via encryption and tighter access control on policies 

Encryption is key feature of any collaboration tool. Since internal websites usually contain sensitive employee and client information, security should always be on high priority.  

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Manage site, libraries, list and grant user permissions through smart chat 

As collaboration increases, however, it becomes very important to organize and maintain a certain amount of controlThe administrator must have rights to manage sites, libraries, inventory, grant user permission and many more. 

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Send files directly into our archive for secure long-term storage 

As the name implies it allows people to view all uploaded versions and refer to older versions whenever needed. This enables quick modification and editing without compromising quality. 

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Uses Smart technologies like Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) 

Collaboration toolhave been known to enhance employee engagement and effective knowledge sharing. With Smart bots, we can encourage employees to optimize its use and enhance operational productivity. 


TeBS  IntraSenz is an Intelligent framework to build your modern workplace , which helps you fast track your collaboration and offer smart information, content management, business productivity applications along with promoting team work .  

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