TeBS Showcases Cutting-Edge AI-Powered Automation Solutions as an Exhibitor at the UiPath Summit

TeBS Showcases Cutting-Edge AI-Powered Automation Solutions as an Exhibitor at the UiPath Summit

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Singapore, 27 July 2023: Total eBiz Solutions proudly participated as an exhibitor in the UiPath AI-Powered Automation Summit held at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre. The summit was part of an Asia Pacific and Japan roadshow organized by UiPath, aimed at demonstrating the transformative capabilities of AI-Powered Automation and its potential to revolutionize business operations.

TeBS, being an exhibitor at the event, showcased its cutting-edge AI-Powered Automation solutions that complement UiPath’s offerings. As a strategic partner of UiPath, TeBS has been instrumental in delivering tailored automation solutions to clients across different sectors. Their participation in the summit allowed attendees to gain a deeper understanding of how the seamless integration of TeBS and UiPath technologies can drive business growth and innovation.

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The UiPath AI-Powered Automation Summit brought together a diverse audience of 250 attendees, comprising AI and Automation experts, business leaders, and practitioners eager to explore the latest innovations in the field. The event served as an ideal platform to learn and discuss how AI-Powered Automation could turbocharge business results and drive efficiency across various industries.

The summit commenced with an impressive lineup of speakers and presentations, starting with the opening address by Jess O’Reilly, Area Vice President of UiPath Asia. The audience was then captivated by the keynote address delivered by Rob Enslin, Co-Chief Executive Officer of UiPath, who shared insights into the new era of AI-Powered Automation and its potential to shape the future of work.

Mark Greene, SVP & General Manager of Product Management at UiPath, took the stage to present the latest advancements in AI-Powered Automation. His talk highlighted how these innovations can streamline business processes and revolutionize industries worldwide.

The summit also featured enlightening customer success stories, showcasing real-world applications of AI-Powered Automation. Abdul Samad Gulam Hussain, Senior Deputy Director at CPF Board, shared a compelling account of how UiPath’s technology empowered their organization to achieve transformative results.

Another noteworthy presentation came from Wai Ching Chan and Natalie Fernandez Heng, executives from the Department of Future Health System at Singapore General Hospital. They demonstrated how digital workers and automation technologies have been transforming the healthcare landscape, improving patient care and operational efficiency.

Following the insightful presentations, a dynamic panel discussion was conducted, engaging both the speakers and the audience in thought-provoking conversations about the future of AI and automation in various industries.


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