Total eBiz Solutions Celebrates Family Day 2024 at Bird Paradise Singapore

Total eBiz Solutions Celebrates Family Day 2024 at Bird Paradise Singapore


On 25th May 2024, Total eBiz Solutions (TeBS) Singapore embraced the spirit of togetherness with an Family Day celebration at Bird Paradise Singapore. This delightful excursion was filled with fun-filled moments, shared laughter, and the joy of bonding with our newest feathered friends, making it a day to cherish for all.

Family Day at TeBS is more than just a company event; it’s an opportunity for employees and their families to connect and create lasting memories. This year, the choice of Bird Paradise Singapore as the venue added an extra layer of excitement and wonder to the day.

Bird Paradise Singapore, a premier avian park, is home to an incredible array of bird species from around the world. Nestled in lush greenery, the park offers immersive experiences where visitors can engage with and learn about birds in their naturalistic habitats. Highlights include vibrant free-flight aviaries, interactive feeding sessions, and captivating bird shows that educate and entertain.


As the day unfolded, employees and their families explored the park’s many attractions. Children and adults alike were mesmerized by the colorful plumage and melodious calls of exotic birds. The thrill of watching birds soar gracefully in aviaries and the joy of hand-feeding lorikeets brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

Throughout the day, the camaraderie among TeBS employees was evident. Colleagues mingled, shared stories, and laughed together, strengthening the bonds that make our workplace a supportive and cohesive community. The presence of family members added a personal touch, allowing everyone to see the people behind the professional roles and to appreciate the importance of work-life balance. The excursion to Bird Paradise Singapore was a testament to TeBS commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture, where employees and their families are valued and celebrated.

As the day ended, the sense of community and shared experiences was palpable. Families left with not only souvenirs and plenty of photographs but also with a deeper appreciation for nature and each other. The successful event not only celebrated the familial bonds of the employees but also underscored TeBS’s dedication to its core values of unity and work-life balance.

Family Day at Bird Paradise Singapore was indeed a day to cherish, filled with laughter, learning, and the joy of being together, encapsulating the true essence of what makes TeBS a remarkable place to work.

Together, we will continue to soar to new heights, much like the birds we befriended on this memorable day. Here’s to many more celebrations of unity and joy at Total eBiz Solutions!




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