TeBS at Robotic Process and Intelligent Automation Forum 2018

TeBS at Robotic Process and Intelligent Automation Forum 2018

Leverage on Robotic Process and Intelligent Automation and discover its various functions to create a competitive edge for your business.

30th and 31st October, Singapore: Clariden Global’s Robotic Process & Intelligent Automation Forum 2018 was held over two days at the Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore. As the key sponsor, Total eBiz Solutions Pte Ltd (TeBS) shared insights on RPA scalability and expansion with more than 100 delegates as well as led lead Roundtable discussions.

The Forum encompassed pertinent topics related to the adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA) in organizations. Coveted speakers from diverse industry backgrounds gathered to discuss successful case studies, highlight the uses of RPA in various aspects of business such as Finance, Procurement and Human Resource, lessons learnt from failed RPA implementations and the future of RPA.

Stalwarts across industries such as Banking, Supply Chain, Finance, Education, Information Technology etc. used this event as a platform to highlight RPA and its benefits across industries along with case studies and live demonstrations. The Forum encapsulated multiple learnings covering a host of topics such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Automation (IA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and much more.

Day 1 of the event covered topics such as RPA and IA revolutionizing the digital space, challenges, pain points and learning lessons in RPA implementation, taking RPA to the next level, developing realistic targets, quick wins and roadmaps to enable successful RPA and IA implementation etc.

Day 2 was kicked off with a roundtable session titled “Justifying the ROI of RPA for Buy-in” moderated by TeBS. TeBS launched introduced an interactive an online, real-time RPA ROI Calculator for the delegates which garnered the interest of many.

Later, TeBS led the session on “Taking RPA to the next level: Scaling implementation into global expansion”, sharing experiences and best practices on building Operating Model And Governance Framework for RPA and Development Standards and Procedures for a successful RPA implementation in an organization.

Throughout the duration of the forum, there were plenty of networking opportunities for exhibitors, participants. keynote speakers and industry thought leaders. Alongside that, the forum experience was further enriched through industry-specific interactive roundtable discussions and live demonstrations which provided delegates with key actionable takeaways.

The key highlights of the conference were:

  1. Capitalizing on experts’ evaluations on RPA for organizations in domains such as Finance, Procurement, HR, Outsourcing, Automation, and Insurance
  2. Proven case studies and solutions on how to effectively scale robotics efficiently and embed automation into an organization’s business culture
  3. Exploring the potential and capabilities that RPA and IA can bring to organizations
  4. Preparation and customization of the RPA journey for businesses in the early adoption stage
  5. Understanding how a Centre of Excellence (CoE) could engage people and utilize change management for a highly effective automation program
  6. Up-to-date trends in RPA and IA and the potential in integrating RPA with AI
  7. Transformation of business processes and operations by leveraging on RPA and IA
  8. Socializing with global experts from Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Malaysia and China to exchange knowledge and experiences

At the event, TeBS presented its RPA and IA Intelligent capabilities spanning across:

  • What and How of RPA
  • Agile delivery model for RPA
  • Operating model and governance framework
  • Creating synergy between humans and robots
  • Automation Accelerators
  • Achieving maturity for RPA success
  • Successful RPA Implementations and Deployments across more than 60 Business Processes and scenarios
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