TeBS further strengthens its presence in India by expanding its offshore development centre in Bengaluru

TeBS further strengthens its presence in India by expanding its offshore development centre in Bengaluru

Singapore, July 15, 2021 – TeBS today inaugurated its new office in Bengaluru, which will help the company to expand its existing offshore development centre and enable it to broaden its offerings to clients by providing cutting-edge technology solutions and services.

The new office is a much larger space equipped with all modern amenities and facilities and is just a few blocks away from their current location. With this move, TeBs has taken a step further to enrich the workplace experience for its employees and customers.

Providing excellent service with optimal Costs

The expansion of its offshore development centre is a move towards strengthening its workforce in India and consolidating its core offerings in the areas of digital transformation initiatives like Hyperautomation, Robotic Process Automation, Digital Experience platforms, Dynamics 365 and modern workplace collaboration tools .

“We started our operations in Singapore in 2006 and have been growing steadily and have expanded to other markets like Australia, Middle East and other countries in Asia ,” said Bijala Radhakrishna,Chief Executive Officer, Total eBiz solutions “Our recent decision to expand our  offshore development center  in Bengaluru is to help our customers leverage specialized talent and deep tech skillsets in our workforce and support them in their growth journey “

Currently, TeBS services customers across industries including Public Sector, banking, insurance, life sciences, manufacturing, retail and logistics, consumer goods , hospitality to name a few  . TeBS is committed to investing in the growth of their global   operations and to develop talent across their full range of services,”

About Total eBiz Solutions Pte Ltd

Total eBiz Solutions’ (TeBS) mission is enabling Digital Transformation for their clients by providing cutting-edge solutions in areas of Modern Workplace (Intranet, Collaborative Systems), Hyper Automation – Robotic Process Automation, Business Process Automation (Workflow and Digital Forms), AI and Cognitive Solutions, Customer Experience – Dynamics 365, Enterprise Mobility, and Cloud enablement.

With 250+ technology consultants and experts, TeBS defines and delivers winning strategies for our customers by harnessing the power of digitization, through a collaborative, relationship-based approach, ensuring seamless coordination between the client’s requirements and their service delivery.

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