Online Grant Management System for Mandai Wildlife Group

Online Grant Management System for Mandai Wildlife Group

Online Grant Management System for Mandai Wildlife Group

Mandai Wildlife Group (MWG) is a leader in wildlife conservation, managing several top-tier zoological institutions and nature reserves.

Mandai Wildlife Group (MWG)


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Company Overview

Mandai Wildlife Group (MWG) is a leader in wildlife conservation, managing several top-tier zoological institutions and nature reserves. To enhance its mission, MWG sought to automate and streamline its grant, donor, and events management processes using a modern, integrated approach.

The Challenges Faced

Prior to the new system implementation, MWG’s management of grants, donors, and event logistics was fragmented across different platforms, leading to inefficiencies and difficulties in stakeholder collaboration. Specific challenges included:

  1. Disparate Systems :  Different processes for grants, donors, and events were managed using separate tools, complicating data integration and reporting.
  2. Inefficient Stakeholder Collaboration :  Limited interaction between internal and external stakeholders due to lack of a unified platform.
  3. Manual Event Management :  Manual processes for event registrations, document management, and communications were time-consuming and error-prone.
  4. Complex Access Management :  The need for secure yet straight- forward access for users from various external organizations was unmet.
  5. Inadequate Reporting and Tracking :  Existing tools did not support efficient tracking or robust reporting capabilities for grant and donor management.

Solution Proposed

To address these challenges, Total eBiz Solutions (TeBS) implemented an end-to-end Online Grant Management System using Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365. This holistic solution efficiently integrated grant management, donor management, and events management into a single system. Key features included:

  1. Integrated Management Modules :  Unified grant, donor, and events management modules to streamline processes and data across all functions.
  2. Public Portal Access :  A user-friendly public portal enabled external stakeholders to manage events, workshops, and training sessions.
  3. Multi-Domain Single Sign-On (SSO) :  SSO functionality allowed seamless access for users across different organizations, enhancing security and user experience.
  4. Advanced Reporting and Integration :  The system featured integrated reporting tools and was linked with DocuSign for electronic signatures, Xero for accounting, and MailChimp for marketing automation.
  5. Comprehensive Donor Management :  From potential lead acquisition to fulfilling obligations, the donor management module provided a complete journey for donors.
  6. Efficient Events Management :  This module supported document uploads, registration management, and streamlined communications for events.
  7. Robust Grant Management: Included a repository for grants, mechanisms for collection, and extensive tracking and analysis capabilities.


The implementation of the Online Grant Management System brought several significant benefits to MWG:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency :  Integration of all management functions into a single platform significantly reduced manual processing time and improved data accuracy.
  2. Improved Stakeholder Collaboration :  The system facilitated better interaction between internal and external stakeholders, enhancing collaboration and participation.
  3. Streamlined Event Handling :  Automated event registration and management processes improved user experiences and administrative efficiency.
  4. Robust Security and Access Control :  The multi-domain SSO ensured secure and straightforward access for various stakeholders, maintaining data integrity and confidentiality.
  5. Data-Driven Decision Making :  With improved reporting capabilities and real-time data access, MWG could make more informed decisions and effectively track the impact of their conservation efforts.

By leveraging the Power Platform and Dynamics 365, MWG was able to modernize and enhance its grant, donor, and events management processes, supporting its mission towards wildlife conservation with improved efficiency and collaboration.

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