Enhanced performance and robust security for mobile applications

Enhanced performance and robust  security for mobile applications

Enhanced performance and robust security for mobile applications

SUN Mobility, a pioneering company in the electric vehicle (EV) domain, is dedicated to building a scalable and economically viable energy infrastructure.

Sun Mobility – leading provider of universal energy infrastructure and services to accelerate mass electric vehicle usage.



Custom Experience

Net 9.0 Portal, Azure MS SQL, ReactJs, Qlik Sense, Microsoft Cognitive services, Azure GCC, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Datawarehouse/ Lakehouse, Databricks, Azure Synapse, PowerBI, QlikView

Organisation Overview

SUN Mobility, a pioneering company in the electric vehicle (EV) domain, is dedicated to building a scalable and economically viable energy  infrastructure. They provide battery as a service, powering two wheel and 3 -wheel drivers .By decoupling the battery from EVs, SUN Mobility aims to solve critical barriers to EV adoption: high upfront costs, range anxiety, and lengthy charging times. Their innovative ‘Pay-as-you-go’ energy consumption model facilitates an easy switch to EVs, promoting broader acceptance of clean mobility. solutions


SUN Mobility was grappling with the dual challenge of both maintaining and enhancing its suite of applications while ensuring they met the latest industry standards and delivered an improved user experience to facilitate business growth.

1. Application Maintenance and Support: The SUN Mobility ecosystem is supported by a diverse array of applications designed to cater to various stakeholders such as agents, service providers, drivers, and fleet operators. These applications necessitate continuous maintenance and support, along with the integration of new features, to stay aligned with the changing demands of users and the rapid pace of technological progress.
2. User Experience: The existing applications needed an overhaul to enhance the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to meet the latest standards. This improvement was critical for expanding their business reach and ensuring seamless interaction with their services.
3. Application Security and Performance: As the digital backbone of their innovative EV solution, ensuring high performance and robust security of their mobile applications was paramount. Any compromise on these fronts could potentially hinder user adoption and trust.

The Solution

TeBS proposed a holistic strategy for SUN Mobility’s mobile applications, offering comprehensive support and customization across different platforms to ensure they are current, secure, and efficient.
1. Comprehensive Support and Customization: TeBS proposed a full spectrum approach to manage and support different platforms, ensuring the mobile applications remain up-to-date, secure, and highly functional. This includes regular updates, bug fixes, and the implementation of new features as per the latest industry standards.
2. System Enhancement and Integration: The team focused on integrating new requirements to boost system functionality, including web service improvements, code optimization, and UI/UX enhancements. This was aimed at making the applications more intuitive and user friendly.
3. Performance and Security Upgrades: Recognizing the critical nature of performance and security, TeBS planned to implement performance improvements and security measures. Tools like SonarQube would be utilized for scanning and rectifying vulnerabilities, while Google Analytics and Crashlytics would help monitor application health and user engagement metrics


1. Enhanced User Experience: By overhauling the UI/UX of the mobile applications, SUN Mobility could offer its users a more intuitive and engaging interface, leading to increased satisfaction and adoption rates.
2. Improved Application Performance: The focus on code optimization and performance improvements meant that the applications would run smoother and faster, significantly reducing any downtime or lag that could frustrate users.
3. Robust Application Security: Implementing rigorous security measures and regular vulnerability assessments ensured that user data remained safe and secure, fostering trust in SUN Mobility’s digital infrastructure.
4. Data-Driven Insights: Integration of analytics tools allowed SUN Mobility to gain valuable insights into user behavior and app performance, enabling data-driven decisions to further refine and enhance their service offerings.
5. Sustainable Business Growth: By addressing the critical areas of user experience, security, and performance, SUN Mobility could ensure a more robust and reliable digital ecosystem. This, in turn, supports their vision of accelerating the adoption of electric mobility, contributing to sustainable urban transportation solutions.

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