Redefining your Digital Workplace in the post Covid World

Redefining your Digital Workplace in the post Covid World

The modern workplace is undergoing a seismic change during the pandemic with remote distributed teams and physical workplace increasingly transforming to digital.

The changing business models around  the workplace is facing challenges across employee collaboration and productivity ,network and security issues.

As the world struggles to emerge from the pandemic, enterprises are exploring ways to recover and rebuild to thrive in the new digital world.

The ongoing crisis has made the corporate world to look for innovative ways of working. The  organizations want to  redefine  their workplaces and embrace  a digital strategy in order  to make their workforce integrated and collaborative . With hybrid workforce becoming a reality, the time is NOW for businesses to reimagine, their workplace to become more intelligent, digital, and futuristic. Enterprises need to adopt the right technologies, tools and platforms which will make their employees more productive, engaged, and empowered.

Time to make your workplace DIGITAL

Digital workplaces will become  the future of work as it will enable a seamless and collaborative workplace encompassing both virtual and physical space enabling employees to work from anywhere.

The future workplace will rely heavily on  technology to  enable their employees to collaborate , communicate and connect better within their work ecosystem. The right digital workplace tool should be able to provide a  smart, efficient operating system with  mission-critical enterprise-grade security tools along with  seamlessly integrated workplace productivity apps.

A recent McKinsey & Co. global survey of 800 executives in a range of industries reveals key trends like: a push towards automation; the shift to remote work or hybrid remote workforces; an increase in the use of freelancers, and growing reliance on artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to manage the workforce and other key functions.  The below chart shows that 85% of companies  have accelerated digitization of employee interaction and collaboration .

The enterprises that will thrive in future  will be those who will take  their digital workplace capabilities to the next level by phasing out the traditional workplace tools which are  limited in its ability to scale up to meet future  dynamic workplace needs . Smart organizations will aim at increasing efficiency by integrating their platforms with collaboration tools such as document sharing, white boarding, and annotation to let employees collaborate remotely in real-time, spend less time in meetings, and turn discussions into assignments.

IntraSenz– Designed for the future

Collaboration is a key component of the modern digital workplace with the aim to enable and facilitate effective knowledge sharing among the employees across the organization .

IntraSenz is a modern digital workplace platform with an  intranet framework that provides a comprehensive and holistic enterprise-wide collaboration on Microsoft SharePoint making, it easier for employees to access their projects, tasks, workflows, applications and much more. It is  a new, modern intranet digital workplace built on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint which provides employees with key digital workplace tools to be effective in the digital age.

  • Smart Information 
  • Content Management 
  • Business Productivity Applications 
  • Team Work & Collaboration
  • Modern Workplace Environment

IntraSenz is powered by advanced capabilities like Discovery Management, Smart Search, Encryption, Compliance, Admin, Archival, Flexible deployment etc. which helps to reduce the manual repetitive task effort thereby boosting productivity. It has AI enabled features which gives  intuitive suggestions to improve your workplace by assessing and analyzing your work processes to identify areas of issues and remove them.

IntraSenz gives employees the tools to stay productive wherever they work and organizations a head start to digitize their workplace helping to  improve collaboration and productivity thereby  reducing cost .

Take your digital workplace collaboration to the next level by exploring the IntraSenz Starter Package deals! Contact Us, to know more.

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