How Can Embracing the Cloud Benefit Your Organization

How Can Embracing the Cloud Benefit Your Organization

Establish a Cloud Environment to Enhance Agility and Productivity

In today’s economy, enterprises are always looking for ways to become more agile, responsive and ahead of their competition. Cloud technology offers businesses a means of promoting agility, and is a vital tool in the enterprise push toward better flexibility, responsiveness to change and employee morale.
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TeBS has partnered up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help enterprises embrace the cloud. Find out how the AWS cloud solution can result in business users becoming up to 14% more productive and improving IT operations by up to 68%. (See link:

In the following pointers, learn how establishing a cloud environment can be beneficial to your organization and employees:

Convenience & Stability

With TeBS’ cloud solution, organizations can conveniently expand, scale and meet the needs of their customers, suppliers and employees. Not only will enterprises be able to go global within minutes, they can also substantially reduce the hassle and cost associated to managing large infrastructures. This way, data privacy laws and compliance requirements can easily be met.

Quick & Secure

The combination of the AWS Platform solutions and TeBS’ innovative services provides organizations with an environment that supports rapid scalability without compromising the security and compliance needs of extremely risk-sensitive industries, ranging from large enterprises to government organizations.

Improved Connectivity & Flexibility Boosts Employee Morale

TeBS keeps customer satisfaction at the top of its priority list. Employee satisfaction is vital to a healthy business and more often than not, improving employee morale is an unexpected benefit that is only realized after organizations make the switch to cloud.

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Greater location flexibility and the ability to work at any time from any device leads to employee satisfaction and a resultant increase in productivity. Teams working on the cloud are better connected to each other. They can access the most updated version of any document and even work on it simultaneously. A secure cloud environment also means employees need not worry about losing data as the as all files are secure and backed up in the cloud.

As enterprises kick start their journey toward the cloud with TeBS and AWS, business teams can improve the way they operate and align IT with the business as well as maximize the use of products and services at the forefront of digital innovation, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and Internet of Things (IoT).
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