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Transform Your Business with Next-Gen Product Innovations

In the ever-changing digital realm, innovation is key to staying competitive. Our suite of cutting-edge products is designed to streamline operations, enhance engagement, and drive efficiency across various sectors. Whether it’s revolutionizing non-profit processes, optimizing training management, fostering employee engagement, resolving IT incidents swiftly, managing electronic records effortlessly, or unlocking enterprise knowledge with AI, our solutions are crafted to empower your business for success in today’s dynamic landscape.

Our Service Offering

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CareSenz is a premier digital transformation platform for Non-Profits, enhancing impact and enabling DIGITAL NPO operations. CareSenz offers solutions for fundraising, volunteer management, and community engagement. It expands reach, manages events, and boosts engagement with AI-driven insights.

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Transform your enterprise with IntraSenz—a comprehensive platform fostering seamless collaboration. With interactive intranet software and rich gamification, boost productivity. Seamlessly integrate apps, streamline operations, and drive success. Experience IntraSenz, unlocking workforce potential and embracing digital collaboration.

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EduSenz, an integrated Training Management System, streamlines operations, digitizes processes, and fosters competition in the training landscape. It centralizes management, simplifies operations, and enhances communication for efficient course and fee management, faculty oversight, and interactive portals.

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Simplify Incident Management effortlessly. Automate incident tracking, service requests, and deployment changes for prompt issue resolution. Streamline workflows with enhanced visibility and collaboration through an insightful dashboard. Benefit from efficiency, comprehensive SLA, and configurable workflows.

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RecordSenz, powered by SharePoint, ensures accountability, compliance, and risk reduction with multi-channel filing, customizable plans, advanced collaboration, automated workflows, and regulatory adherence. Simplify and elevate your organization with RecordSenz.

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EKGAI leverages Generative AI and AI Search to interpret queries, offering precise insights from diverse enterprise data. It simplifies data discovery, generates content, and seamlessly integrates with various sources. With advanced search capabilities, it ensures swift access to critical information, unlocking your data’s true value effortlessly.

Why Partner with Us?

Strategic Collaboration
TeBS offers more than just technological solutions; we serve as strategic partners, empowering your business to innovate, grow, and excel in a competitive market environment.
Diverse Expertise
Benefit from our extensive pool of experts spanning various technologies and frameworks, ensuring top-notch technical solutions tailored to your needs.
Customer-Centric Mindset
Your success is our priority. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and support throughout our engagement, ensuring that your experience with TeBS is nothing short of excellent.
Tailored Solutions
We understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer customized solutions that cater specifically to your organization’s needs and goals.
End-to-End Support
From conceptualization to deployment and ongoing maintenance, our comprehensive suite of services covers every stage of your digital transformation journey, providing you with holistic support and guidance.

Technologies We Work With

Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of technologies, ensuring we meet any project’s requirements. We utilize secure, established technology stacks and continuously integrate the newest, cutting-edge tools.

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