TeBS HR organized a Health Screening for its employees in Singapore.

TeBS HR organized a Health Screening for its employees in Singapore.
“Health is gone, everything is gone” underscores the significance of maintaining good health in our lives. Without good health, it can be difficult to enjoy life to the fullest or to achieve our goals and dreams. Thus, prioritizing our physical and mental health should be of utmost importance. This includes maintaining a healthy lifestyle, seeking medical care when needed, and practicing self-care to reduce stress and promote well-being. By prioritizing our health, we can improve our quality of life and increase our chances of success and happiness.
On March 10th, 2023, the TeBS HR team held an on-site health screening check-up for all employees at our Singapore location. Our goal is to prioritize the overall well-being of our employees by addressing their physical, emotional, and psychological health needs. To achieve this, our HR team has developed a comprehensive wellness program that includes organizing wellness health camps to create awareness, foster positive behavioral changes, and assists employees in reaching their wellness goals.

Our wellness programs provide employees with various health screening options, including health risk assessments that feature detailed questionnaires covering topics such as lifestyle, stress, and physical health.

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