TeBS Achieves ‘Great Place to Work' Certification: A Beacon of Employee Satisfaction and Excellence

TeBS Achieves ‘Great Place to Work’ Certification: A Beacon of Employee Satisfaction and Excellence

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“If you create a great place to work, great work takes place.” – Ben Peterson, the Co-founder & Co- chairman at BambooHR.

Singapore, 19th May 2023 – In an era where workplace culture is paramount, TeBS proudly announces its certification as a Great Place to Work. We celebrated this coveted recognition at our Singapore headquarters with a joyous gathering of employees and leaders today. TeBS’ commitment to fostering a harmonious and empowering work environment has been further amplified by its employees, who have validated it as a remarkable workplace through their own voices.

The celebration kicked off with a vibrant atmosphere, as employees and leaders came together to recognize and appreciate the significant achievement of being certified as a Great Place to Work. As the aroma of delectable cuisine filled the air, everyone indulged in a delightful feast, savoring a wide array of flavors and culinary delights. To add an element of friendly competition and lighthearted fun, employees and leaders engaged in energetic games of pool.

The certification by ‘Great Place to Work’ is a result of a rigorous evaluation process that includes an employee survey and an assessment of the company’s policies, practices, and culture. TeBS’ employees actively participated in the survey, providing their honest feedback and opinions about the workplace. The positive responses and high level of employee satisfaction demonstrated by the survey results were instrumental in TeBS’ achievement of this certification.

Unveiling the Employee-Validated Great Workplace

TeBS has successfully sculpted an oasis where passion meets purpose, where employees are not just mere cogs in the machine, but valuable contributors to the company’s growth. With their feedback playing a pivotal role in this certification, TeBS employees have voiced their enthusiasm for being part of an organization that genuinely values their well-being and cultivates a culture of trust and collaboration.

A Sanctuary of Growth and Learning

TeBS recognizes that growth is not a destination but a lifelong journey. Thus, it has meticulously crafted a nurturing environment that encourages employees to continuously develop their skills and explore new horizons. As one team member eloquently puts it, “At TeBS, we are not limited by our titles or roles. We are encouraged to stretch our limits, embrace challenges, and unleash our true potential.”

Embracing the Future with Greatness

As TeBS celebrates this momentous achievement, the journey is far from over. Guided by the belief that greatness is a continuous pursuit, the organization remains committed to enhancing its workplace culture, innovation, and employee experiences. In the words of TeBS’ visionary leader’ Mr. Bijjala Radhakrishna, “We are not resting on our laurels. This certification serves as a stepping stone to reach greater heights of excellence, setting new benchmarks for ourselves and the industry.”

The celebration not only served as a moment of appreciation but also as a catalyst for future endeavors. TeBS’ leaders reiterated their commitment to continuously enhance the company’s workplace culture, innovation, and employee experiences. They emphasized that this certification was not the culmination of their efforts but rather a stepping stone toward even greater heights of excellence.

TeBS’ celebration today showcased the harmonious blend of achievement, appreciation, and enjoyment that defines the company’s workplace culture. It serves as a shining example for organizations worldwide, illustrating the transformative power of creating a great place to work—where employees thrive, leaders inspire, and success becomes a collective endeavor.

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