Unravel Seamless E-Signatures & Contract Lifecycle Management with Docusign & TeBS

Unravel Seamless E-Signatures & Contract Lifecycle Management with Docusign & TeBS

Paving the Way to Paperless Prosperity in the Financial Frontier

We understand that FinServ customers demand more – a digital revolution that empowers them with fast, easy, and frictionless experiences. That’s why we proudly partner with DocuSign, the industry leader in e-signature and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions. Unlock the power to digitize key financial agreements, eliminating cumbersome paperwork and manual processes. Experience accelerated turnaround times, streamlined workflows, and the ability to capture and share sensitive documents securely in a mobile-friendly environment. Embrace the future of finance as we modernize your agreements, ensuring automation and compliance, all while creating a trusted, mobile-first experience for your valued clients.

With TeBS and DocuSign, doing business becomes simple, painless, and efficient – exceeding your customers’ expectations and setting new standards in the FinServ industry. Embrace the digital transformation today, and let us propel your success to unparalleled heights.

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    What’s the Need for DocuSign’s E-Signature and CLM Power Duo?

    The e-signature solution offers secure and legally binding electronic signatures, expediting transactions and enhancing customer experience. DocuSign CLM automates end-to-end contract management, from creation to renewal, optimizing workflows and minimizing compliance risks. Together, they provide real-time visibility into contract performance, enabling data-driven decisions and fostering efficient collaboration within financial institutions. Incorporate this powerful combination to digitize key financial agreements, eliminate manual processes, and propel your financial services and banking operations into the future.

    Features of DocuSign E-Signature and CLM for Financial Services and Banking

    Streamlined Agreement Process Icon

    Streamlined Agreement Process

    DocuSign’s e-signature and CLM solutions streamline the entire agreement process, eliminating manual paperwork and enabling quick, accurate capture of customer information. Say goodbye to paper-based delays and errors, ensuring seamless transactions in the financial services and banking sectors.

    Automated And Digitized Transactions Icon

    Automated and Digitized Transactions

    With DocuSign, every transaction involving an agreement is automated and digitized, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing administrative burden. Clients can sign agreements digitally from anywhere, simplifying the process for all parties involved.

    Ai Based Contract Analytics Icon

    AI-Based Contract Analytics

    Leverage the power of AI-based contract analytics to assess risks and make data-driven decisions swiftly. Extract valuable insights from agreements, empowering financial institutions to optimize contract terms and minimize potential risks.

    Enhanced Compliance With Kyc Aml Icon

    Enhanced Compliance with KYC/AML

    DocuSign’s solutions help maintain compliance with regulations like KYC/AML by providing a digital audit trail with tamper-evident certificates. Ensure the authenticity and integrity of agreements, meeting stringent regulatory requirements and bolstering customer trust.

    Bank Level Security Icon

    Bank-Level Security

    Both e-signature and CLM solutions offer bank-level security features, safeguarding sensitive financial data and confidential customer information. Benefit from top-tier encryption and protection against data breaches.

    Mobile Accessibility Icon 1

    Mobile Accessibility

    Embrace a mobile-friendly experience, enabling clients and teams to access and sign agreements on the go. Enhance convenience and flexibility while maintaining the highest levels of security.

    Customizable Workflows Icon

    Customizable Workflows

    Tailor workflows to fit specific agreement types, making the process adaptable to the unique needs of your financial services and banking operations.

    Real Time Tracking And Notifications Icon

    Real-Time Tracking and Notifications

    DocuSign provides real-time tracking of agreements, allowing teams to monitor the status of contracts and receive notifications at critical stages, ensuring timely follow-ups and a more efficient approval process.

    DocuSign’s E-Signature and CLM Use Cases for Seamless Operations and Enhanced Compliance

    Account Opening Icon

    Account Opening

    Streamline the account opening process with e-signatures, enabling customers to electronically sign signature cards, consent forms, and proof of identity documents. Ensure compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations by capturing customer consent and required documentation securely.

    Lending Icon


    Accelerate loan and mortgage applications with e-signatures, simplifying the submission and approval process for borrowers. Obtain eConsent for loan estimates and waivers, ensuring borrowers’ acknowledgment and acceptance of terms.

    Customer Service Icon

    Customer Service

    Facilitate new deposit account openings and account-related changes with electronic signatures, expediting the customer service experience. Enable customers to sign financial statements, overdraft notifications, transaction disputes, and beneficiary change forms digitally.

    Broker Contracts Icon

    Broker Contracts

    Securely sign broker contracts using e-signatures, ensuring swift and efficient agreement execution between brokers and financial institutions.

    Underwriting Documents Icon

    Underwriting Documents

    Automate underwriting processes by digitizing underwriting documents and obtaining necessary signatures electronically.

    Terms Of Use Forms Icon

    Terms of Use Forms

    Obtain user consent and acknowledgment of terms of use for online services through e-signatures.

    Terms Of Use Forms Icon

    Tax Forms

    Simplify tax form submissions with e-signatures, providing clients with a user-friendly and secure way to sign tax-related documents.

    Audit And Compliance Icon

    Audit and Compliance

    Maintain a digital audit trail of all agreements, incorporating tamper-evident certificates for regulatory compliance. Capture customer consent for various regulations, such as Regulation E compliance.

    TeBS’s Role in Redefining DocuSign E-Signature & CLM Efficiency and Compliance

    As a trusted technology partner, TeBS implements and integrates these cutting-edge tools seamlessly into the existing systems, streamlining processes and digitizing key agreements. Leveraging TeBS’s expertise, financial institutions unlock the true potential of these solutions, enhancing customer experiences, optimizing workflows, and increasing compliance with KYC/AML and other regulations. TeBS empowers financial services to automate and accelerate transactions, providing a secure and mobile-friendly experience for clients. With TeBS’s support, businesses embrace the future of finance, driving growth and success in this rapidly evolving industry.

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