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Conversational AI Services

Build AI-enabled Bots with natural language processing capabilities to handle multiple languages, speech and vision


Conversational AI has greatly enhanced the way organizations engage with their customers. Conversational AI solutions like Chatbots, virtual customer agents, voice aided assistants help to improve customer service through personalization and better responsiveness. Intelligent technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision (OCR) make it possible to design cost-efficient digital experiences.
We help our clients in digitizing their customer service touchpoints by guiding them on industry best practices and tools for building enterprise level conversation AI chatbots. Our technical consultants can help build AI enabled chatbots for different business departments – from sales to operations, customer support to HR.

What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI is a set of technologies which enables machines to understand, process and respond to human language through a virtual agent or chatbot. It uses multiple technologies like Natural language Processing (NLP), deep learning, machine learning and Artificial intelligence (AI) that work together seamlessly to enable human like communication by understanding text, speech, context and language.
Conversational AI helps to enhance customers service and bring human like personalization making machine conversation look like human to human, ensuring shorter waiting times and faster service.

TeBS Conversational AI Use cases

Conversational AI has immense business benefits as it helps to enhance customer satisfaction, reduce operational cost and optimize employee productivity. From chatbots, voice enabled bots and virtual agents, conversational AI is being extensively used from online sales to customer service to HR to security, playing a central role in the digital transformation initiatives.

Conversational Bot on SharePoint

We have developed conversational Bot that is natively integrated with SharePoint to assist SharePoint end users. SharePoint Bot will respond to natural language commands and retrieves content found in the document repository, to-do / project task status, upcoming calendar events, as well as employees or documents that were worked on. SharePoint Bot will apply user rights management.

IntraSenz, TeBS product, is a groundbreaking innovation towards building modern workplace environment, which comes equipped with advanced Bot feature with AI enabled. IntraSenz is helping to make the intranet environment smarter and helping to facilitate seamless communication & collaboration for its users.

Accelerate your Conversational AI Adoption with TeBS

We believe in taking a human-first approach to designing, developing, and deploying effective conversational AI for our customers. We had worked with multiple Bot Frameworks both cloud and on-premises for building, connecting, testing, and deploying powerful and intelligent bots.

Our partner ecosystem

We leverage industry-leading platforms to build our expertise on ML, AI and NLP to build conversational bots for our customers.


An open source platform and offers comprehensive resources to build machine learning powered applications

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An  industry recognized enterprise conversational AI platform which which helps in buiding chatbots and virtual assistants

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A leading  natural language understanding(NLU)  platform ,which helps in designing  and integrating  a conversational user interface into applications

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A programming language extensively used by developer community in web development ,data science and creating software prototypes

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Mongo DB

An open source NoSQL database management programwhich is mostly used as an  alternative to traditional relational databases.

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Azure Cognitive Services

helps to deploy AI solutions and helps to add cognitive capabilities to apps with APIs

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Connect with us

TeBS can provide a variety of intelligent chatbot-driven offerings to enhance your customer service and employee productivity Speak to our AI experts to know more!


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