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Get into the Cloud with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure offers several application development solutions such as data computation, data storage, data management, networking and app development. More importantly, Azure offers easy custom application development helping developers and business owners do more with their products, in a shorter timeframe and save on cost.


8 Key Features and Benefits of Microsoft Azure That Will Benefit You

  • Azure delivers unparalleled efficiency: Azure lets you develop apps using familiar programming languages like Visual Basic, C++, C# etc. The settings are similar to that of Windows. This spells efficiency and shorter time to create applications for developers.
  • Azure is open, adaptable and easy to integrate with: Azure allows you to bring together your apps, data, devices, and partners on-premises and in the cloud.  Azure’s agile toolset gives solutions for all integration needs ranging from connecting mobile apps to payments with partners.
  • Supports Any Media Services: Microsoft Azure Media Services lets you safely upload, store, encode and package video or audio content for both on-demand and live streaming to a wide array of endpoints, with a high degree of agility and scalability.
  • Azure supports Mobile Services across platforms: This is a dependable enterprise mobile app development platform that provides a scalable and secure backend that can be used to power apps on iOS, Android, Windows or Mac. Storing app data in the cloud, authenticating users and sending notifications becomes easy with Azure’s Mobile Services.
  • Thorough Support from Microsoft: Microsoft Azure works effortlessly with your current Microsoft applications and provides end-to-end support for infrastructure, operating system and applications.
  • Azure Supports Hybrid Solutions: Azure lets you oscillate between on-premises and the public cloud that both use open VHD standard. This provides flexibility in creating a customized roadmap to the cloud capitalizing on unique business needs and existing technology investments.
  • Lowered Cost and Higher Gains: Azure helps in lowering IT administration costs because the tangible physical hardware is being taken care for you, off-site. All you have to pay for is computer processing time and required storage space.
  • Data Safety and Protection: Microsoft has engineered Azure with data safety, security and protection in mind.


Using Microsoft Azure will substantially benefit customers because of improved flexibility, a very scalable platform and greatly lowered costs.

3 Ways Cloud Can Help Your Business

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Develop Connected Apps using Azure and Xamarin

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azure development singapore

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