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Managed Security

Enabling businesses to focus on “Customers”, their core priority, by providing them with Managed Security.


TeBS’ managed security services (MSS) suite provides an ecosystem of world class cyber security partners to provide customers with a complete portfolio of Managed Security Solutions which can be customized and tailored to suit every business need. Furthermore we offer 24×7 coverage. We even protect your network when your IT team has left for the day. The MSS suite provided by TeBS includes:

Managed Security Services

Our MSS suite provides benefits such as a holistic approach to protect Intellectual Property (IP) and business operations along with mitigating risks and other potential impacts on the business. The suite facilitates actionable intel from detailed analysis of threats and aids in prevention of loss of revenue and data. MSS also ensures industry recognized and world-class talent along with security initiatives leading to improved ROI.


TeBS offers a trustworthy MSS that helps to identify, monitor and tackle security incidents. Clients are provided with an in-depth situational analysis that helps them understand the events before, during and after the attack. The security team at TeBS also make recommendations to the client environment based on the attacks. We work with the following tools: 

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