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Connected Devices


Use connected, smart and cognitive technologies to drive revenues and optimize usage of resources.

Gain more insights than ever before, about your business operations and your customers’ preferences, by augmenting your existing line of business assets with sensor telemetry data.


Move from historical analysis to predictive analytics; make decisions in that instant when it can truly impact your business.


TeBS connected devices enable enterprises to transform their business, operations and end-user experience.

Our IOT Centre of Excellence provides consulting, PoC and custom solutions development services using advanced analytics and IOT technologies to help organizations drive revolutionary changes to their business and operations models.

Enable enterprises to optimize the performance of assets to increase availability, minimize costs and reduce operational risks.

Provide companies with the opportunity to identify, locate, connect and communicate with their users and enhance their users’ experience with personalized, contextualized engagement.

User Engagement Solutions

In modern workspaces Hot desk or free cubicle search becomes easy. Un-used meeting rooms can be released upon detection by sensors while cafeteria finder helps to inform us about the seating capacity.

Users can have personalized experience for Event participants and Indoor location based visitor engagement for Museums and Theme Parks. Visitor tracking and analytics for Parks and Exhibitions depending on visitors engagement.

Predictive maintenance of Facilities to improve customer services and improvising visitor experience. Right staffing of franchise outlets to meet the fluctuating demand.

Industry Telemetry Applications

We build various industry telemetry applications, ranging from real-time asset tracking to behavioral analysis of occupants, minimizes the need to human supervision of routine and ad-hoc maintenance and monitor lifecycle of smart structures.

IoT applications Hub collects and analyses essential data and information on technology and building performance. Enterprises are moving towards designing new buildings using green technologies or retrofitting green technologies to existing buildings.

IOT services using sensors helps us to achieve remote monitoring for equipment breakdown and visibility into ongoing maintenance while gain insights to help plan future strategies.

Enterprises can easily do real-time tracking of physical and digital assets, usage patterns, automated audit, Zone level monitoring and notifications. Alarms can be generated based on pre-defined exceptions.

Can achieve remote monitoring and Predictive maintenance of Large structures such as bridges, buildings and towers using in-built sensors (Patented technology)

Custom IoT, Mobility & Analytics Applications

We deliver custom IoT applications, for obtaining data from connected devices, aggregating and connecting it via a gateway to the enterprise applications, where that data can be analyzed and converted into actionable insights. We leverage on latest tools and technologies, enterprise grade and open source, to tailor these systems to your enterprise’s use cases.

Collecting data using sensors; Managing device provisioning, enablement/disablement, functionality, and security.

Enabling connectivity to transmit data to other systems using gateways. For this, we typically use low-cost development boards, open-source electronics prototyping platforms, based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software – such as Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard, PandaBoard, etc.

Formatting and processing the data using standard protocols such as MQTT, HTTPS, REST, CoAP, XMPP, DDS, etc.

Enabling enterprises to make the most of devices through business rules, functions or applications, and/or APIs (to be consumed by other systems), hosted on premise or cloud.

Processing incoming data streams to generate real-time insights on opportunities or threats that require immediate action/response from the business.

Enabling enterprises to monitor and use data about current conditions for operational decision making.

Delivering capabilities to automate the logic, to find variances from a baseline of historical, expected or desired activity, and send alerts or trigger responses in applications, devices, and workflows.

Enterprise Information

Connected devices, IoT systems typically involve ingesting large volumes of time-series data, integrating with contextual metadata, analyzing to find patterns, anomalies, providing interactive visualizations and long term storage. We provide end-to-end enterprise information management solutions to manage the complete value chain from collection and processing of data to generation of actionable insights.

Using highly reliable and scalable technologies to ingest batch-mode or event-stream data generated by sensors/devices for storage and processing by applications.

Implementing storage solutions using Relational and No-SQL databases to store the data gathered as part of IoT systems, integrating with contextual metadata, developing data models for easy retrieval and processing of data.

Developing interactive visualization of historical and operational data, together with organizational and environmental context information to draw insights that fuel business decisions.

Cloud Enabled Solutions

Cloud is a key enabler and game changer of IoT solutions, making it possible for enterprises to go beyond proprietary operational technologies (OTs) to leverage internet based architectures for implementing the solutions. With ever increasing data and computation requirements, leveraging cloud offerings helps us deliver anything from a simple PoC or Pilot project to an enterprise grade multi-terabyte, highly available IoT system. As experts in delivering cloud based solutions, we are best positioned to engage with your organization and enable you take the IoT journey using cloud based hosting and services.