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Cloud Enablement

TeBS is a Microsoft Gold Partner with trusted expertise in the full Azure stack


Enterprise data centers are facing critical challenges of IT silos-inefficiencies, high costs, and ongoing support and maintenance with increasing user demand for services. Cloud enabled approach that includes computing, infrastructure, virtualization and storage resources provides solution to meet this challenges. Cloud computing helps business grow faster by tapping into the power of massive cloud structure without having to build, manage or maintain them. TeBS helps organizations in their journey to Cloud computing. TeBS Cloud Enabled Services provide enterprises with:

A smooth transition from traditional IT to enterprise cloud is driven by defined cloud strategies. We help our clients enable and execute their cloud strategies to Enhance Utilization of IT Infrastructure, Maximize Cloud ROI, Assess Scalability.

TeBS uses power of SAAS to enable you to achieve the business objectives by taking advantage of Microsoft Azure web, app, storage and Azure SQL services. Even more we can help you design and develop multi tenancy applications as well. Cloud VMs are used for deployment which includes support and testing of large scale applications. TeBS provides SAAS and bespoke cloud applications in dedicated as well as multitenant environment by leveraging on MS Azure cloud.

TeBS extensive services in Cloud Infrastructure helps you build the right and responsive cloud models that involve IAAS, PAAS and SAAS. Our partnership with Windows Azure gives us flexibility to manage mission-critical applications and do the provisioning. We also manage the scaling of applications, setting up entire data center on cloud.

Microsoft Azure offer a unique hybrid cloud solution which provides primary storage, archive and disaster recovery. This solution optimizes total storage costs and data protection for enterprises. TeBS had successfully deployed Hybrid cloud solutions where the majority of unique business process done on On-Premise and relatively less complex and generic, non-sensitive process done on Public Cloud. This approach solves the bandwidth, latency and high volume user concerns as well as protecting the business specific rules and data that is close to the organizations.

Ever-increasing number of companies migrating their services and application to public and private clouds, we help organizations with the migration efforts.  We have deep experience in migrating legacy systems into Azure cloud, re-engineer applications for the cloud or replace with SAAS cloud options.

TeBS provides cloud services using the Microsoft Azure technology

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