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No business can exist without People. No business can run without a Process. No business can thrive without Data… People, Process, and Data are the most important and interdependent components for any business to achieve its peak performance. All businesses aim at optimizing their human resources, automating their processes for smooth dataflow from one process to another and one department to another department. Enterprises adopt business process automation based on their maturity level, availability of technology and nature of their business.


At TeBS, we help enterprises to define, automate, refine and manage business processes. Our experienced Business Analysts will analyse your processes and define them using BPNM standards, swim lane diagrams and RACI charts. This will help you visualize the process before automating them using Business Process Management (BPM) tools. We follow Agile Development with emphasis on delivering the core process and then using this as a scaffold to build other processes. This approach will yield immediate results to the business adopting a specific process automation. TeBS works proactively with different department users to connect or integrate the processes, leading to inter-department process automation. We would then take the journey with you by monitoring the process bottlenecks to refine and optimise the processes enabling your business to perform at its peak. We believe that process automation helps businesses to focus on their core competency; frees up people’s time from mundane tasks; removes ambiguity from data and optimises the entire organization. We work with various Business Process Management (BPM) tools and suggest the best tool to be used based on your needs, technology footprint and process maturity levels. Few samples of the work done by us:

Automated requisition to PO generation process with DOA, approval matrices, and matching functions. Delegations, Lazy approvals, Alerts and Escalations we built to make it collaborative and improve the throughput of procurement process.

Automated various claims such as travel, training, local and overseas claims based on entitlements. On the mobile, GPS and camera functions will enhance the user experience and claims process smooth.

Departmental hiring requests will be routed through the department hierarchy before the requisition reaches HR/Talent department for further processing against budgets and FTEs. Lazy approvals will make it easier for requests under threshold or budgeted.

If you are an IT department, it is tedious to consolidate and monitor the progress of all the service requests assigned to various vendors. We automated the entire flow to give you balanced days or amount, SLA tracking as well as vendor performance.

Automated the problem request life cycle from recording the problem to fixing, deploying to UAT, testing confirmation and moving to production.

Automated IT system access flow for new employees as well as changes to access rights for employee movements within the organization. This also keeps history and inventory of access rights for all the systems Organization owns.

Automated the entire grant management lifecycle from grant applications process to evaluation and awarding to monitoring the project progress and tracking the material, man-power and asset costs to creation of IP.

Automated the employee ideation process from idea submissions, to evaluation to approval and then subsequently convert them to POC or Project and track their completion and evaluating the benefits stated, very comprehensive and yet simple workflow automation

Automated entire on-boarding and off-boarding process that involves departmental routing, HR routing and IT routing with additional routings depends on the assets employee holds.

Automated project initiation project with collaboration between project members and storing all the related evidence documents. It will send alerts to all the project members and initiates the time clocking.

At TeBS, we digitized and automated many manual & paper forms to electronic forms and workflows to enhance the productivity and performance of the workforce.

TeBS offers a wide array of process automation and optimization solutions based on these technologies

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