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Training Institute Management System

A Training Institute Management System with e-Learning materials can save money, improve organizational performance and increase employee satisfaction.

TeBS Training Institute Management system is built for training enterprises and academic institutes by delivering content and resources to their learners. It is a web-based application for organizing courses, events and assessments with many interactive features. These system provide easy ways for trainer to create and deliver the course session and monitoring the participation and assessing performance.

With our Training Management System, you will:

  • Build a holistic ecosystem of individuals, Enterprises and staffs
  • Centralized Training content
  • Entitlement driven access to all the functionalities
  • Access content anytime, anywhere
  • Streamlined training process
  • Easy schedule training for mobile workforce
  • Intelligent insights with Reports and Statistics
  • Leveraged by multiple departments for a company, to run their own academy
training management system
training management