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Non-Profit Management

Non-Profit Management software designed to help NPOs better manage their donors, volunteers and beneficiaries.

TeBS has been successful in integrating community service and digital transformation in the Non-Profit Organization Sector in Singapore. Through the integration of CareSenz (Non-Profit Management Software), Non-Profit Organizations are able to better manage their database and gain insights based on the data generated.


CareSenz facilitates better service to the community. It provides community service providers, beneficiaries, volunteers and donors with an ease of effective interaction. There are times when volunteers or donors find it hard to reach out to the Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) and on the other hand, NPOs faced challenges trying to get more donations and volunteers on board. Technology is constantly changing and NPOs will have to keep up with it. 

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6 Key Features of CareSenz (Non-Profit Management Software) but not limited to: 

Donation Management

Donation Management

NPO Management Singapore

Online Portal

volunteer management

Volunteer Management

Non Profit Management Singapore

Mobile Applications

Non Profit Management

Events Management

NPO Management

24/7 Chatbots

CareSenz is a robust digital solution developed over the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform that enables beneficiaries, donors, volunteers and community service providers to respond to needs faster and collaborate seamlessly.

non profit management

NPO (Drug & Offences)

charity management

NPO (Heart Disease)

npo management

NPO (Patient Support)

Awards and Recognition

Microsoft SG Partners Star Award
Microsoft_SG Partners Award 2018_1128x376pxH_Technology for Social Impact